CS:GO star Mixwell hit by bizarre Valorant anti-cheat error

. 2 years ago
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CS:GO star Oscar ‘mixwell’ Cañellas claimed that he was ‘banned’ on Valorant after accidentally triggering Riot’s anti-cheat while streaming – but it turned out to be a bug.

The release of Valorant’s closed beta has captured the attention of many players, hoping to get their hands on Riot’s new FPS title early.

Among those playing the new tactical shooter was former Cloud9 star Mixwell, who has been praised by many fans for his skill with a sniper in CS:GO.

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Mixwell’s Valorant account was banned during his April 16 stream.

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While demonstrating just how well his skills could carry over to another title in his April 16 broadcast, he claimed he was hit with a ban on his Riot account after triggering the game’s anti-cheat, Vanguard.

After winning a round in Valorant, Mixwell went to charge his phone using his computer, however, he was suddenly booted out of the game.

The popular AWPer was shocked once he realized he had been kicked and called on Riot to unlock his account so that he could play again.

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“I connected my USB charger to my phone and I got disconnected by the anti-cheat, can you unlock me please?” he asked.

He later revealed that he similar had happened to many other players in Valorant, including G2 Esports streamer Lothar, who also found himself locked out of the game.

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Riot has since addressed the issue, and stated that Mixwell was in fact not banned, but instead was hit by a bug that affected digital bootcamp participants who were accidentally still using the alpha build to play the closed beta.

They also said that developers managed to work with all of the participants the error had affected, and got them back up and running again as soon as they could.

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