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Boaster’s Top 10 Valorant plays

Published: 29/Mar/2021 18:30 Updated: 30/Mar/2021 17:03

by Ava Thompson-Powell


As the IGL of Fnatic, Jake ‘Boaster’ Howlett knows all about getting to the peak of European Valorant, with the support main continuously setting his team up for success.

Despite constantly setting his team up with fantastic strategies, he’s no stranger to switching to attack mode and fragging out! To celebrate the Englishman’s time playing Valorant, we’ve collated the big brain’s top 10 plays.

While anyone can put together a huge 3K early in the match, leading a round-23 retake shows just how calm and collected the star can be, holding his composure to end opposition Guild Esport’s hopes.


In another showing of skill in a 2v2 alongside Lee ‘mystic’ In-pyo on Bind, he came up clutch with a move that kept the momentum going against Valorant titans FunPlus Phoenix.

A big-brained 1v3 against Wave Esports showed just how clever the star is. Showing that patience is definitely a virtue, the star played Gianluca ‘xTribune’ Oehme like a fiddle as he utilized his Spectre to its fullest.

However, none of these dominating showcases of skill and talent can stand up against his immeasurable, most iconic 1v3. In a do-or-die play against Heretics, the star did exactly what he did best: wow the crowd.


To find out where all of these moments place, check out the full video above.

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