Best McDonald’s secret menu items according to former employees

Maddy Kinkead
McDonald's secret menu

Here are the McDonald’s secret menu items that former employees created on shift, and they’re pretty delicious.

If you’re looking to up your McDonald’s game or are just getting bored of your regular orders, it might be time to start looking at the secret menu. Here’s what the McDonald’s secret menu is and what the best items are.

Is the McDonald’s secret menu real?

The hint is kind of in the name here, the items on this menu are technically “secret.” However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t order them or that they aren’t real. Just like with Starbucks drinks, if you see a McDonald’s employee or a food blogger post a viral secret menu item online and you would like to try it, just find out what’s in it/ how it’s made and order it next time you are at McDonald’s.

If the store you are visiting has the ingredients to make the item, they will make it for you, just remember that the price might be slightly higher for customized items with lots of toppings/extras and they might say no to overly complicated items at busy times.

McDonald’s secret menu items from former employees

McFunnel Cake

McDonald's funnel cake
You can make desserts from Big Mac buns

On a Reddit thread of former employees, one user mentioned that they used to fry the middle bun from a Big Mac and then add soft serve ice-cream and strawberry topping (usually used in McFlurries) to create a dessert that tasted just like a funnel cake. The former employee noted, “Custom creations were the best part of working there!” If you are going to order this one, maybe go during your local McDonald’s downtime because they may not make this for you during rush hour.

McCinnamon Donut

A cinnamon donut
You can make your own McDonald’s cinnamon donuts

This one is a similar dessert made with a fried cheeseburger bun. One former employee said that they used to put the bun in the fryer, take it out when it was crispy and add chai latte powder to make a cinnamon donut.

Ice cream on anything

A Mcdonald's secret menu hack with ice cream
Ice cream makes everything better

One person mentioned that while they worked at McDonald’s in high school, the best way to make any of the McDonald’s brownies or cookies better was to ask for it to be heated and then order a small sundae (without the sauce) on the side. You can then dump the soft serve on your food and make a full-blown dessert. They mention that you can do it with virtually any sweet item on the menu, “Or hot cakes. That sh*t was my jam.”


A McDonald's quesadilla
McDonald’s quesadilla

This is one that a former employee said they used to make for themselves after close, but one that you can create too. You’ll need to order any of the McDonald’s wraps, but hold the sauce so that it contains only chicken, lettuce, cheese and tomato. You’ll then want to order a plain hamburger with the spicy pepper sauce (from the Spicy McCrispy). Then, all you need to do is remove the chicken from the wrap, and add your beef patty with the spicy sauce and you’ll have yourself a quesadilla.


A mcdonald's secret menu creamsicle
McDonald’s secret menu creamsicle

One Redditor said, “My favorite food hack was putting a little orange juice inside a McFlurry cup, adding a little ice cream, and then whipping it up in the McFlurry machine. It’d taste just like a creamsicle. I’m kind of surprised it never went on the menu with how easy it was to make.”

A dessert with fries?

A Mcdonalds sundae with fries
This secret menu item is a little weird

“I have a VERY weird creation, ” One former employee mentioned, “Employees were always mortified by the idea until I made them taste it lol.”

You’ve heard of dipping fries into a Frosty, but this takes it one step further. They said all you need to do is order fresh fries (ask for these without salt so the employees will have to make a fresh batch.) Then, you just need to add sachets of salt and dump a full caramel sundae on top for a salty and sweet snack.

Lemon pepper chicken burger

a mcdonalds iced tea and a grilled chicken sandwich
Make your own lemon pepper burger

This one is a lot less sugary than the others. But one former worker said that they used to get a grilled chicken burger, and then have a sweet tea on the side and grab a couple of pepper sachets. All you need to do then is open up your burger, squeeze the lemon wedge from the tea on the chicken, and add the pepper sachet and there you have it, a lemon pepper burger.


McDonald's pizza
Craving a pizza from McDonald’s?

If you were eating at McDonald’s in the 80s, you might remember when they served pizza. Well, it turns out that employees have always been able to make themselves pizzas on shift, according to Reddit. “We used to make pizzas using the breakfast burrito wraps, salsa, and whatever toppings we wanted!” one employee mentioned, “Just popped them in the oven and they were great.”

This is one that you probably couldn’t order at the drive-thru, but it does sound pretty delicious if you wanted to create it at home.