Twitch streamer’s phone stolen during IRL beach stream in Russia

One Twitch streamer was vlogging on her phone, only to have it stolen mid-stream.

Streaming on Twitch might seem like a glamorous, cushy job, but it actually comes with it’s fair share of risk. From online harassment to real-life stalkers, streamers – particularly female streamers – often have concern for both their mental wellbeing and physical safety.

In the past, harassers have taken extreme steps like swatting streamers or waiting outside their homes. These can often lead to broadcasters moving altogether to maintain their privacy.

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Unfortunately, it seems that they can be threatened with theft while out and about in their everyday lives.

Twitch: chaikinna
A Russian streamer had her phone stolen in the middle of a stream.

In a clip from Russian influencer chaikinna, we see the streamer was out at the beach vlogging. Then, the angle of the stream abruptly changes as the phone she was using to stream is snatched out of her hands by an unknown assailant. The thief then jogs away down the beach with chaikinna’s phone, the Twitch stream still going as he runs.

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The clip of the theft was subsequently reposted to the LivestreamFails subreddit, where it blew up to nearly 50,000 views in the first six hours.

Many commenters on Reddit were both amused and suspicious by the thief’s slow escape. Some accused the post of being a ploy to get attention for a smaller streamer, but others pointed out that prices for tech goods have risen in Russia, which has led to more thefts.

The original poster on Reddit did confirm that chaikinna was unharmed and has been able to communicate through other social media platforms like TikTok and Telegram, but it seems unlikely that she will get her phone back.

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Between the mid-stream theft and the subsequent slow-speed escape by the thief captured by the still-ongoing stream, this might seem like just another funny streamer clip. But it’s important to remember that streamers must remain vigilant while streaming in public areas because of risks like this.

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