Twitch streamer swatted during cooking stream, still finishes his tacos

Twitch streamer swatted making tacosTwitch/HeyItsMeSalty

A Twitch streamer’s Taco Tuesday became a terrifying one after he was swatted in while in the middle of making his food.

Swatting is an extremely dangerous part of the streaming world where nefarious viewers alert the authorities that something illegal is happening at a streamer’s address.

This often results in the police coming into a streamer’s home with guns drawn to deal with the alleged situation, often putting the streamer in harm’s way.

On June 21, Twitch streamer HeyItsMeSalty was trying to make food when police entered his home, leaving him a bit shaken up.

Twitch streamer finishes cooking after swatting

In the scary moment caught on stream, police announced their presence as they entered Salty’s home with guns drawn.

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Although much of the broadcast has since been deleted, users clipped the portion where an officer entered the kitchen before seemingly spotting the chef off-camera.

HeyItsMeSalty then handled the situation by talking with the cops and even inviting them to come back for food when he finished cooking. Amazingly, despite the crazy ordeal, the streamer even completed his tacos.

“They were all really nice. I told them to come back for tacos in an hour and a half,” he told his viewers. “Normally I would probably take the rest of the stream off, because I think I might have peed myself just a little bit. But, I am really hungry now.”

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The Twitch streamer addressed the situation more on Twitter, saying that his schedule might be a bit off for the rest of the week, remarking how the safety of his family would “come before anything.”

“On another note, the stream never stopped the whole time. The cameras kept rolling because nothing was keeping me away from my f**king tacos!” he added, sharing photos of his creations.

Hopefully, the police can catch whoever is responsible for the swatting and bring them to justice. One thing is clear though: don’t come between a hungry man and his tacos. Especially on a Tuesday.

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