Twitch streamer says she was “taunted” with pizza deliveries before being swatted

Twitch streamer Pixelxkitten swattedTwitch/Instagram: Pixelxkitten

LGBTQIA+ Twitch streamer Pixelxkitten revealed on Twitter that she had been swatted during a charity stream, and added that before the incident she was “taunted” with pizza deliveries. 

As Twitch gains popularity with people around the world, it also has provided a way for bad actors to harass various creators on the platform. Incidents known as “swatting” involve these people attacking creators by placing anonymous, automated phone calls to the police.

While it’s done more often to bigger creators like NICKMERCS and xQc, there have been a handful of attacks on smaller creators as well.

PixelxKitten was swatted during a recent charity stream on the platform and went into details regarding her incident on Twitter.

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PixelxKitten details her swatting

twitch streamer imageTwitch: Pixelxkitten
PixelxKitten detailed her incident on in a Twitter thread.

The morning after being swatted, Pixelxkitten posted a thread on Twitter explaining the incident and detailing that she was “taunted” with pizza deliveries beforehand.

She started the tweet thread by saying: “My dad counted more than half a dozen squad cars outside and there was a swat team in full gear and guns drawn at our home. They were told that there was an armed shooter on site who had just shot his girlfriend and was going to unalive.”

Pixel also explained that she had already held a conversation with their parents about the risks of swatting and stalkers so they had a basic plan set in case it ever happened.

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The Twitch streamer and their family then went outside to talk to the police officers and explained what swatting is as well as the fact they are an LGBTQIA+ streamer during Pride Month.

Pixel also detailed another harrowing part of the incident. Apparently, the swatter kept sending her pizzas that weren’t paid for, mentioning that they assume it was “just a bizarre taunt to scare us.”

All in all, the creator explained that the swatting went fairly well considering the circumstances and ended her thread with a focus on her successful charity stream in which she raised $3,000.