Pokimane reveals when she might switch from Twitch to YouTube

Michael Gwilliam
Pokimane talks leaving twitch for youtube

Popular online broadcaster Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys opened up about why she decided against joining YouTube and instead stuck with Twitch as both platforms battle for ultimate streamer supremacy.

YouTube has been making some huge moves in recent months, signing the likes of TimTheTatman, Dr Lupo, and most recently, Ludwig to its ranks.

As more and more streamers join YouTube, and the Google-owned site not looking to stop anytime soon, there’s been a lot of discussions over which platform is best for both users and content creators.

Pokimane, one of the big faces of Twitch, revealed that when it came time for her to make a decision between the two, being treated well by either was a non-factor and ultimately, neither was money offered.

Pokimane starts new company
Pokimane has been one of Twitch’s top streamers for a while.

Why did Pokimane pick Twitch over YouTube?

During a November 30 stream, Pokimane revealed that two years ago, when she had to pick between streaming on Twitch or YouTube, there was one big thing the Amazon-owned site had that YouTube didn’t.

“Two years ago, when I had to first choose between Twitch and YouTube, you know what I decided off of? Not which platform would give me more money. Not which platform was nicer to me. But which platform I would have more f**king fun on!” she revealed.

According to Anys, Twitch chat and culture is so iconic and fun that it ended up being the huge deciding factor for her.

That said, however, she isn’t completely against streaming on YouTube, and could even be doing just that in a couple years if she decides to travel.

Pokimane could stream on YouTube in “two years”

To end her point, Pokimane claimed that if in two years she decides to “solo dolo” travel the world and get as many viewers as she wants, she’d be willing to jump ship… in a way.

“I’ll stream on f**king everything. Or I’ll switch to YouTube because I want more of a mainstream audience. But what I wanted was to have a good a** time, and you guys are a good a** time,” she told her chat.

Whether or not Pokimane actually ends up jumping ship in two years, or what the streaming sphere will look like by then, will be interesting to see. Regardless, it’s good to see she’s enjoying her time on Twitch and having fun in the process.