Auronplay claims YouTube doesn’t care about Twitch, main competitor is TikTok

Liam Ho
auronplay discussing twitch vs tiktok vs youtube on stream

Spanish Twitch superstar Auronplay discussed on stream recently why they believe YouTube doesn’t care about Twitch as a competitor, explaining that TikTok is their main rival.

Twitch superstar Auronplay is one of the streaming site’s biggest hits, the Spanish streamer is able to galvanize massive amounts of viewers and keep them all entertained. He was considered the 4th most-watched streamer in 2022, only being beaten out by xQc, Gaules, and ibai.

As such, the renowned streamer has had a contract with Twitch for quite some time now. However, with his contract shortly coming to a close with Twitch, his viewers were wondering if he was looking to move to YouTube.

Twitch has been slowly changing its revenue splits over the years, with the most recent change seeing the split move to a 50/ 50 between creators and the website. As such, many streamers have tested streaming on other platforms such as YouTube, Kick, and Facebook as other methods of reaching their audience.

Auronplay was quick to respond to the viewer’s questions, giving them an insight into his beliefs about the streaming giants such as TikTok, Twitch, and YouTube.

Auron expressed that he believes YouTube doesn’t actually care much about streaming itself, and therefore Twitch shouldn’t be much of a competitor to them. He states that the fight YouTube has is with TikTok, and that’s the reason YouTube continuously is pushing those “sh***y Shorts and all that crap”.

The clip itself is in Spanish, but we’ve provided a translation here, courtesy of Reddit.

“YouTube doesn’t give a damn about livestreaming. YouTube’s real competitor isn’t Twitch: it’s TikTok, and I’m speaking with information about the subject. They don’t care. Their fight is with TikTok, and that’s why they are pushing those sh***y Shorts and all that crap. Why? Because the war is against TikTok.”

Auron is already in the midst of speaking with Twitch about re-upping his contract. He’s always had a great relationship with the directors of Twitch, so it’s likely we’ll see him return to the platform once his contract expires soon.