Yellowjackets Season 2 cast: Every major character so far

Lucy-Jo Finnighan
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Hit show Yellowjackets continues to have a lot of characters, so here are the ones you need to know about for the cast of Season 2.

2021’s first season of Yellowjackets became a smash hit, with multiple Emmy nominations in 2022, and a green light for Season 2. Thankfully, the second season, which has just premiered its final episode, has easily lived up to the first.

Fans had been waiting eagerly for said second season, which continues the story of a soccer team that was stranded in the wild for 19 months after a plane crash, and the ensuing trauma that lives on into their adulthood.

As you can imagine by the plot, the cast is vast for this show. It does centre around an old and young soccer team, after all, but we’ll narrow it down to the characters that you need to know for the second season. We’ll do our best to keep this list rather spoiler free regarding Season 2, but still…proceed with caution!


Yellowjackets Season 2 cast and characters

The IMDb plot synopsis for Season 2 is as thus: “Two months into winter the survivors cope with falling rations, low morale and their latest disastrous attempt to freeze a teammate out of the game. Shauna explores the secondary market for Yellowjackets memorabilia, while Taissa, Misty and Natalie all seek out best friends, both old and new. For those of you keeping the stat book: Lottie Matthews comes in off the bench.”

Below is a list of all the characters you need to remember for the second season.

Shauna – Melanie Lynskey & Sophie Nèlisse

shauna in yellowjackets

Shauna is very much the Dark Horse of the show, as while to many around her she looks like the unassuming best friend of popular girl Jackie, she’s got a mean streak underneath. First off, she’s sleeping with Jackie’s boyfriend before the fated plane crash happens, and she’s even married to him in her adult life. She’s also clearly not afraid to kill, as seen in Season 1.

Shauna is played by Sophie Nèlisse & Melanie Lynskey. Nèlisse appears in The Great Gilly Hopkins, Mean Dreams, and 47 Meters Down: Uncaged. Lynskey most recently appeared in The Last of Us, and can also be seen in The Informant! and The Perks of Being a Wallflower.

Taissa “Tai” – Tawny Cypress & Jasmin Savoy Brown

taissa in yellowjackets

Tai is a person who thrives in leadership, and is a ruthless competitor, both as a teen (Jasmin Savoy Brown) and an adult (Tawny Cypress). While obviously the team doesn’t get a chance to play in the Nationals, Tai shows she can win by becoming State Senator in 2021. Though her habit of sleepwalking and speaking in split personalities isn’t really helping her in any leadership sense.

Jasmin Savoy Brown is best known for her role in Scream 5 & 6, as well as The Leftovers. Meanwhile, Tawny Cypress can be spotted in The Good Wife, House of Cards, and The Black List.

Natalie – Juliette Lewis & Sophie Thatcher

natalie in yellowjackets

Natalie is the Yellowjackets’ rebel with a heart of gold. During their time in the Wilderness, she (Sophie Thatcher) is the official hunter, and is one of the last few members to resist Lottie’s supernatural charm. However, as an adult she (Juliette Lewis) has fallen under the influence of something else: drugs, to the point where she has had to be in rehab. This season also starts with her being dragged to a compound, which you can read about here.

Sophie Thatcher has appeared in Prospect, The Exorcist and Chicago Meds. Juliette Lewis is well known for Cape Fear, What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, and Natural Born Killers.

Misty – Christina Ricci & Samantha Hanratty

misty in yellowjackets

Misty is arguably the most dangerous, and most fun member of the Yellowjackets cast. Desperate to be liked and needed, she’ll go to insane lengths for people she assumes are her friends, including spying on them. She even destroys the honing beacon on the crashed plane so that no one will find them, all because she likes the attention she’s getting from being the best medic on the team. Her constant upbeat attitude is the only thing keeping this behaviour from being utterly terrifying.

Hanratty is known for her roles in Pushing Daisies, Salem, and Shameless, while Ricci is obviously known for her time in The Addams Family, as well as Sleepy Hollow, and The Lizzie Borden Chronicles.

Vanessa “Van” – Lauren Ambrose & Liv Hewson

vanessa in yellowjackets

Van’s role has been developed more this season, as her take-no-shit attitude begins to wilt underneath the influence of the Wilderness. We get more information on her past and her mother, meanwhile her relationship grows with Tai, both as teens and adults. Whether or not these relationships end well is another matter.

Liv Hewson can be seen in Before I Fall, Inhumans, and Santa Clarita Diet, whereas Lauren Ambrose appears in Servant, Deliverance Creek, and Where the Wild Things Are.

Lottie – Simone Kessell & Courtney Eaton

lottie in yellowjackets

Lottie has quickly become the most ominous character in Yellowjackets, after a big reveal last season. Before the Wilderness, she (Courtney Eaton) was a girl from very rich parents who took medication to combat her schizophrenia, however once that medication runs out in the Wilderness, things go south very quickly. Meanwhile, it is discovered in Season 2 that after spending time in a mental institution in Switzerland, adult Lottie (Simone Kessel) is now back in the US, and is running a compound – AKA a cult.

Courtney Eaton has featured in many supporting roles in Mad Max: Fury Road, Gods of Egypt, and Line of Duty. Meanwhile Simone Kessel can be seen in Reckoning and Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Walter – Elijah Wood

walter in yellowjackets season 2

Walter is a new addition to the Yellowjackets cast in Season 2, but has instantly become a fan-favorite. He joins Misty in her escapades, as he too loves online sleuthing, and he also seems to have an ominous mysterious past about him. To find out more about Walter, click here.

Walter is played by Elijah Wood, who people obviously know from The Lord of the Rings series, as well as the films Cooties and Spy-Kids 3-D.

Callie – Sarah Desjardins

callie in yellowjackets

Callie in Shauna’s teenage daughter – not the one Shauna conceived in her own teenage years – who manages to get caught up in the legal trouble that her mother is in. While Callie may initially come off as a stereotype of an angsty Gen Z, she comes to understand her mother’s situation, and fits well into her mother’s evade-the-law attitude.

Callie is played by Sarah Desjardins, also appearing in Riverdale, The Night Agent, and Impulse.

Jeff – Warren Kole & Jack DePew

jeff in yellowjackets

Young and popular Jeff (Jack DePew) seems to have it all, including being in a relationship with Jackie, the captain of the Yellowjackets. However, he was secretly sleeping with her best friend and fellow Yellowjacket Shauna, leading to her getting pregnant. In Season 2, Jeff (Warren Kole), who is now married to Shauna, gets more wrapped up in her past actions, which include more infidelity.

Jack DePew has appeared in A-List, The Fosters, and Extinct, meanwhile Warren Kole can be seen in 24, The Following, and Shades of Blue.

Travis – Andres Soto & Kevin Alves

travis in yellowjackets

Travis is the son of the head coach of the Yellowjackets team, and gets stranded in the Wilderness along with the other girls. Travis is one of two teenage boys there, meaning that he gets into romantic entanglements with both Jackie and Natalie, the latter he remains close to after getting rescued. However, the two live a life of drug abuse, and eventually the Darkness finds Travis again, just like it did in the Wilderness, leading to tragic events.

Travis is played by Andres Soto and Kevin Alves. Soto can be seen in Netflix’s A Series of Unfortunate Events and Dragged Across Concrete. Alves appears in Shadowhunters and Locke & Key, and was actually a major competitive figure skater beforehand.

Coach Ben Scott – Steven Krueger

coach scott in yellowjackets

Ben Scott is the only surviving adult during the Yellowjackets’ time in the wilderness. However, after losing his leg in the crash, he isn’t able to lead the way he would like to. Instead, he must guide the girls on how to run themselves, all the while mourning the life he could have lived, and fearing what the girls might become the longer they stay in the Wilderness.

Steven Krueger has appeared in shows such as Pretty Little Liars, The Originals, and Two and a Half Men.

Jackie – Ella Purnell

jackie in yellowjackets

Sure, Jackie may have met her demise at the end of Season 1, but she still remains a vital part of the early episodes of Season 2. Jackie is the Team Captain of the Yellowjackets, and Shauna’s best friend, though the two aren’t always good to each other. Even in Jackie’s death – she froze to death in the Season 1 finale – their relationship is complicated, and Shauna is incredibly hung up over how things ended between them. And if you want to know what happened to her body, well… read here.

Jackie is played by Ella Purnell, who can also be seen in other works such as Kick-Ass 2, Arcane, and Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children.

Crystal – Nuha Jes Izman

crystal in yellowjackets

Crystal is a pretty new addition to the teen Yellowjackets this season. She’s a lover of musicals, and is somewhat ostracized by the other girls because of it, but this season shows her beginning a new fun friendship with Misty. So far we’ve only seen the teen version of Crystal, which keeps her fate at the hands of the Wilderness unknown.

Nuha Jes Izman plays Crystal, and can also be seen in 2022’s FBI series.

Javi – Luciano Leroux

javi in yellowjackets

Javi Martinez is the younger brother of Travis, who joins the Yellowjackets team on that doomed flight. As the youngest, he is greatly shaken by the events of the first season, even disappearing and going mute for a number of episodes. He and his brother deeply care for each other, though the death of their father does momentarily cause some ripples.

Javi is played by Luciano Leroux, who also appears in A Million Little Things, Get Shorty, and 50 States of Fright.

Detectives Kevyn Tan & Matt Saracusa – Alex Wyndham & John Reynolds

Detectoves in Yellowjackets

Tan and Saracusa are detectives working on the murder case of Adam, who was Shauna’s lover last season. They are a rather antagonistic force, somewhat playing out the good-cop bad-cop routine. While Tan is an old friend of the Yellowjackets, having even dated Natalie in the 90s, Saracusa is much more sketchy. At one point, he even dates Shauna’s underage daughter Callie to get information out of her, which Callie holds against him for the rest of the season.

Alex Wyndham plays Tan, and appears in Rome and The Crimson Field. John Reynolds plays Saracusa, and can also be seen in Search Party and Stranger Things.

Lisa – Nicole Maines

lisa in yellowjackets

Lisa is a member of Lottie’s wellness compound, and strikes up a friendship with Natalie, who is also staying there. Lisa clearly has some unresolved issues with mental illness and her mother, and thus is hoping that Lottie’s various forms of therapy will help her grow and change. However, things don’t always go according to plan in this series.

Lisa is played by Nicole Maines, who also stars in Supergirl, The Flash, and Bit.

Yellowjackets Season 2 is now available to stream in full. To find out how you can watch it, click here.