What If Season 2 plots “leak” and Marvel fans are already divided

Jasmine Valentine
Will Peggy Carter be in What If Season 2?

The details of any Marvel plot are sure to divide fan opinion – but what happens when they’re not even confirmed? New rumors for What If Season 2’s plot might answer more questions than we think.

Following on from the show’s first season in 2021, What If fans have been kept waiting for confirmed information for the past two years. Currently, all we know for definite is that Season 2 will have nine episodes and it is set to air in late 2023. A third season has also been confirmed for development.

Though the original What If Marvel comics can give us a good idea of where Season 2 might head, nothing is a guarantee in the never-ending world of superheroes. Fan favorites from across the franchise’s films and TV shows could possibly appear in the animated anthology series.

Where the plot “leak” has come from remains unknown, but that hasn’t stopped fans from debating whether or not the supposed storylines are worthwhile.

Fans can’t agree on What If Season 2 plot “leak”

The Nerd Rage Podcast has “revealed” what the main plot points of What If Season 2 might look like – and fans are already divided.

Gamora killing Thanos, Odin and Hela facing Wenwu, and Yondu delivering the Star-Lord to Ego are all potential storylines that the upcoming season might look at.

“All the questions we needed answered,” one fan remarked, while another stated, “The comics had much better story ideas.”

“Happy about this, but why is there always a musical episode -_-” another fan tweeted in response to the alleged “leak” that Wanda will be getting her own musical spin-off episode. “They did Wanda dirty. Again,” one comment agreed.

The fight between Odin and Hela also looks to cause some controversy if true. “Odin AND Hela???! How f*cking strong is Wenwu?!” one fan stated in disbelief. “Odin and Hela vs. Wenwu!? That’s like a 5-on-1 fight,” another followed up, with the podcast alluding to more happening than the title suggests.

Some of the proposed plots still need a bit of ironing out for hardcore fans, such as the Avengers taking on Sutur.

“What Avenger era will be fighting Surtur or do we not know?” a fan asked, with the podcast responding, “Unknown, but you’d have to imagine it’s before Thor kills him in the main timeline.”

According to The Nerd Rage, the ideas listed aren’t in line with the corresponding number of episodes.

“No. Unconfirmed as of yet. Happy’s episode airing near Christmas is the most logical guess we have on the dates at this time,” they responded to fan queries.

What If Season 2 will be heading to screens later on this year.

Are you looking forward to What If…? returning on Disney+? Find everything we know about Season 2 here and be sure to keep up with all things Marvel in the meantime.

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