Warrior Nun Season 2 review: Action-packed, thoughtful and a must watch on Netflix

Warrior Nun season 2 review headerNetflix

Warrior Nun is back for Season 2, building upon the first season in all the right ways in a second outing that is as beautifully constructed and thought-provoking as it is epic and intoxicating.

Created by Simon Barry and streaming on Netflix, Warrior Nun is an American fantasy drama. And while the idea of a show about an order of Nun may not sound immediately tantalizing, these are no ordinary nuns.

They’re an order of crime-fighting, demon-hunting sister warriors. A group of women that – alongside the magically gifted Warrior Nun – are tasked with ridding the earth of demons and protecting the Catholic church from its enemies.

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After a two-year hiatus, the action-packed series is back and better than ever. The expansion of characters, action, and lore – as well as a fantastic queer romance – makes Warrior Nun’s second season a massive step in the right direction for the show and one that is a must-watch for fans of the show as well as those yet to delve into the world of the Warrior Nun. 

The second season of Netflix’s Warrior Nun has just dropped on Netflix. This review will be discussing some major plot points from Season 2 of the show, so beware of spoilers ahead.

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What is Warrior Nun Season 2 about? 

Season 2 picks up two months after the events of Season 1’s massive cliffhanger of a finale. In that time, Warrior Nun Ava (Alba Baptista) has been training with sister Beatrice (Kristina Tonteri-Young), while Sister Camilla (Olivia Delcán) and Mother Superion (Sylvia De Fanti) work from the shadows.

Dr Jillian Salvius (Thekla Reuten) is hunting for her son Michael, while Lilith (Lorena Andrea) tries to deal with the changes she began to experience towards the end of Season 1.

Adriel (William Miller) has become a well-known figure, one that many believe to be their angel and saviour. However, the reveal at the end of Season 1 that the character is much more villainous than first thought. The majority of the second season focuses on taking Adriel down, minimizing his influence on the world before he is able to take control of the world.

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An ensemble of characters that are as badass as they are lovable 

While the show’s lore and larger narrative is a contributing factor to the success of Season 2, the true strength of Warrior Nun once again lies in the compelling ensemble of characters it focuses on.

Baptista’s Ava remains one of television’s most underrated protagonists. A young woman that refuses to let her trauma define her and preserves a quiet strength and positivity that is unmatched. 

The Order of the Cruciform Sword (OCS) plays a much bigger role in this season and so all the character within are given a bigger chance to shine this season. And while the show does jump around from its characters at certain points in the season, the beauty of having such a large list of compelling characters is that you remain interested and transfixed by them all.

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warrior nun season 2 castNetflix
Warrior Nun Season 2 includes a great ensemble of characters for viewers to fall in love with

At no point will you be wishing to skip over a character’s storyline and instead you’ll be beginning for more time with each and everyone Warrior Nun cast member.

In particular, De Fanti’s Mother Superion is given a much larger role this season. Her own relationship with the Halo is something that provides even more insight into the role of the Warrior Nun and the origins of the order.

The omission of the shotgun wielding Mary is felt early on. However, the introduction of new characters such as Yasmine Amunet (Meena Rayann), paired with the larger focus on other fan-favorite characters quickly fills the hole left by the Season 1 regular.

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Warrior Nun Season 2 hits the ground running and never stops

While Season 1 was slightly bogged down with exposition and a slower-paced narrative, Season 2 goes full steam ahead into the action and plot. While Episode 1 does a great job of addressing the time jump and establishing characters, relationships, and the setting, the season then quickly begins to unravel. 

The tenacity with which the season tackles its final destination will have you moving from one episode to the next with bated breath. 

The show also wastes no time in expanding on the central themes of its inaugural season. The juxtaposition between religious beliefs and technology remains one of the show’s most interesting beats. What’s more, Warrior Nun’s ability to include such themes without judging is what makes such commentary work.

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A bloodier Season 2 full of polished action sequences and stunt work

Warrior Nun season 2 fightNetflix
Beatrice and her training is put to even greater use during the second season of Warrior Nun

One thing’s for sure: Season 2 of Warrior Nun is a bloody and heart-pounding feast for the eyes. The stunt work and action sequences in this second season are thoughtful, necessary and greatly entertaining. 

Heads are rolling, body parts are flying about and nuns are kicking ass. And while Ava’s journey in Season 1 was more focused on her adjusting to her second chance and the role of Warrior Nun, Season 2 offers up a version of the character that is much more comfortable in her role. 

The visual effects are held back at times due to the show’s smaller budget, and the show suffers slightly when it chooses to move away from more practical action and into the realm of CGI and supernatural. However, the way in which Ava’s powers are utilized as the Warrior Nun is as dynamic as they are creative. 

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For those who loved Beatrice’s hallways fight in Season 1, her face-off against Adriel’s followers in the finale of Season 2 is even better and a great example of the dedication and development this show put into its fight scenes.

Warrior Nun season 2’s WLW love story is reason enough to watch  

The Last of Us LGBTQNetflix
The developing relationship between Ava and Beatrice is one of the best queer relationships going around

One of the central relationships developed in this second season is the slow-burn romance between Ava and Beatrice. Existing in a time when many queer shows are getting canceled, Warrior Nun’s LGBTQ+ Representation and authenticity is another reminder of the beauty and importance of telling different romantic stories in TV and film.

The second season beautifully crafts the evolution of their dynamic in a way that never detracts from the overall plot or progress of the show. It is natural, organic, and unforced, this effortless progression is a testament to both the writers and of course, the chemistry between Baptista and Tonteri-Young.

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The build-up and payoff are well worth the wait, their first kiss in the final episode of the season is one of the best first kisses in a TV series to date. Queer love stories – particularly those between two female-identifying characters – rarely capture the fear, beauty, and fragility in the way that Warrior Nun does in this second season.

The Verdict – Is Warrior Nun Season 2 good?

Warrior Nun Season 2 delivers in spectacular fashion. Building upon the first season to offer up an even better look into the characters, lore, and greater world of the franchise. Amongst some of the platform’s bigger franchises, Warrior Nun remains a hidden gem, a world that viewers should not hesitate to dive into.

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Each character is given the time they need to shine, with the greater lore also expanded in a way that will have viewers begging for more. The effortlessness with which the show navigates religious identity, sexuality, and its larger societal commentary is to be applauded.

Warrior Nun Season 2 score: 4/5

Thanks to dedicated performances and impressive action set pieces, Warrior Nun season 2’s thrilling plot makes it one of Netflix’s most bingeable shows at the moment.

In a season filled with action, compelling character progression, and an expansion of the lore that draws you in from the onset, Warrior Nun’s second season is an absolute triumph. One that solidifies the show as Netflix’s most underrated project and opens up the franchise to even greater heights if it is given a third season by the streaming platform.

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Warrior Nun season 2 is currently streaming on Netflix.