Netflix viewers left crying after “beautiful” movie climbs chart

Jessica Cullen
Major Dodson as Tyson in Tyson's Run

A recently added drama movie is climbing the Netflix charts, and it’s leaving a lot of emotionally shattered viewers in its wake.

Despite being released back in 2022, Kim Bass’s film, Tyson’s Run, is finding new life after being added to Netflix.

Those who have tuned into the family movie have taken to social media to express just how much the film affected them. Evidently, Tyson’s Run had most viewers in tears.

“Watching Tyson’s Run on Netflix. I’ve been tearing up every few minutes for the past 30 mins. Cute heartwarming movie,” one user on X wrote.

Tyson’s Run is a family drama that follows an autistic boy who makes the tricky transition from homeschooling to high school. While he’s there, he discovers a newfound passion for running, which leads to him entering a marathon.

“Crying at 3am because I just finished Tyson’s Run and it was such a beautiful movie,” said another.

“Watching Tyson’s Run on Netflix today. My heart hurts. Kids are so mean, but his dad’s even worse. Our kids with autism, our kids who are neurodiverse, they deserve so much better,” read another comment.

“Tyson’s Run on Netflix has me in tears. That’s such a good movie,” one viewer said.

After the movie joined the streaming service, Tyson’s Run has quickly climbed the charts, and is now sitting at the number seven spot on the Top 10 list. As an indie feature with not much familiarity behind it, this is quite a feat.

At the time of writing, Tyson’s Run is currently sitting at 67% on Rotten Tomatoes. You can check out the film for yourself now on Netflix, or see what’s going on with the Netflix password sharing before you do.

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