The Witcher: Henry Cavill reportedly considered leaving after Season 2

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Henry Cavill reportedly weighed up leaving The Witcher after Season 2 over creative differences, according to a new report.

Worse news couldn’t emerge from the Continent: Henry Cavill is leaving The Witcher after Season 3, with Liam Hemsworth taking on the mantle of Geralt of Rivia from Season 4 onwards.

It comes after the star returned to the DCEU as Superman in Black Adam’s mid-credits scene, the first step of a new journey with the red cape.

However, while the Man of Steel has a pretty demanding schedule ahead of him, there were other reasons for his departure from The Witcher, a report claims.

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The Witcher: Henry Cavill reportedly nearly left after Season 2

According to a report from Redanian Intelligence, Cavill’s departure from The Witcher originated from creative differences dating back to Season 2.

The outlet cites a source’s claims that Netflix was considering recasting Geralt because Cavill wasn’t seeing “eye to eye” with the show’s producers.

“At the time we believed Henry wasn’t 100% serious about it and would not really go through with leaving the series since he fought so hard to get that role. So instead of reporting on it, we chose to sit on this information and see where it goes,” it adds.

Just days before his exit was announced, Cavill discussed his approach to IP and work ethic, with many believing his comments foreshadowed the news.

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“It’s just about belief. If you believe what you’re doing is the right thing then you’ll be able to keep on doing it,” he said during an appearance on the Happy Sad Confused podcast.

“It’s also important to know that if you realize you’re doing the wrong thing, that’s when you stop doing the wrong thing. You don’t just keep going just because, because that leads down a dark path.”

Cavill hasn’t given any reason for leaving The Witcher, but Deadline reported that he “made a short-term deal for The Witcher and felt it was time to move on after three seasons on the show.”

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