The Mandalorian fan theory suggests Moff Gideon has a surprising secret

Moff Gideon in The MandalorianDisney Plus

A fan theory proposes the idea that Moff Gideon could be force sensitive, following the revelations in Chapter 12 of The Mandalorian.

Season two of The Mandalorian hasn’t been short of surprises, and with another four episodes left, there’s a lot to be unpacked, especially around the show’s main villain: Moff Gideon.

Moff Gideon’s search for ‘The Asset’ – also known as Baby Yoda –  is far from over, after the finale of season one revealed he was not only still alive, but also had possession of the darksaber.

Moff Gideon with the darksaber in The MandalorianDisney Plus
Moff Gideon revealed the darksaber in the season one finale

Can Moff Gideon use the force?

Chapter 12 of The Mandalorian was full of action as well as giving more context behind Moff Gideon’s hunt for Baby Yoda, but it also left plenty of questions unanswered for the second half of the season.

A new fan theory on Reddit suggests that Moff Gideon is actually ‘force-sensitive,’ despite him wanting Baby Yoda for that exact reason.

It’s been predicted that this will be season two’s final revelation. “Gideon is force sensitive. Not just force sensitive, but trained,” said one user. “Gideon was an Inquisitor.”

The Inquisitors in Star Wars RebelsLucasfilm/Disney
The Inquisitors in Star Wars Rebels

The Inquisitors were mostly known to be Jedi who fell to the dark side and, as is pointed out in the post, there is nothing in the current canon that says an Inquisitor couldn’t reach the Moff rank, especially post-Empire.

That being said, some fans argued that Palpatine would not have allowed an Inquisitor to get that much power.

On top of this, the post also suggests that the suits at the end were for Purge Troopers, however, a lot of people believe they are actually Dark Troopers, which are droids. Either way, it’s clear that Gideon is trying to infuse them with the force instead of himself, which was previously predicted.

With Ahsoka Tano also expected to arrive in the upcoming episodes, there was also mention of a fight between the two: “Gideon being an Inquisitor will be revealed in the finale, with a duel against Ahsoka, ending in a draw with both of them alive.”

Of course, nothing is confirmed, but after so many revelations in Chapter 12 of the show, speculation around what’s going on is continuing to grow.

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