The Last of Us HBO showrunner teases Part 2 adaptation across multiple seasons

The Last of Us Part 2Naughty Dog Games

While it appears that the first The Last of Us game will be covered by the end of the first season of the HBO adaptation, co-creator Craig Mazin has hinted that the narrative of The Last of Us Part 2 could take place over two or more seasons, if they were to adapt it faithfully.

HBO’s The Last of Us is already a massive hit with fans and critics alike, the first two episodes of the show being received with overwhelming positivity. As a result, many are wanting to know if and when the show will move on from the narrative of the first game and delve into the plot of the sequel, The Last of Us Part 2. Especially given a second season is already greenlit just a few weeks after the show’s premiere.

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In a recent interview with IGN, co-creator Craig Mazin spoke about The Last of Us Part 2 and how adapting the sequel is a much bigger task than the first game

“Well, we have started to talk about it. It’s a big animal to take apart, you know. Because it’s a much bigger story and it’s a more complicated story. I think it’s a beautiful story, so Neil and I are just now sort of figuring out how to. Because it’s more than a season’s worth of television for sure but you know ultimately, we can’t get there until folks watch it and you know, HBO gives us the good news.”

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The good news of course, being a renewal for the show, something that was just confirmed last week. And with Season 2 now officially going ahead with HBO, the conversation about who should play Abby has continued to pick up momentum.

Recently, fans pointed out that Shannon Berry, the Australian actress best known from her role as Dot in The Wilds, looks exactly like the character. Berry herself even retweeted a fan’s comment and admitted that she does in fact bear a strong resemblance to the character.

As a result, many Last of Us fans believe that she would be a great pick for the role. However, the conversation surrounding Abby’s inclusion in the TV show is filled with controversy. In large part due to the character herself being one that gamers initially slammed when The Last of Us Part 2 released in 2020.

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Time will tell how and when HBO chose to adapt The Last of Us Part 2. However, it appears the mammoth storyline will be spaced out across multiple seasons, rather than being condensed into just 10 or so episodes. We’ll be sure to keep you updated on all the latest news and content for both the show as well as the larger franchise.  

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