The Boys Season 4 has “the most disgusting thing” producer has ever seen in TV

Homelander in The BoysAmazon Studios

The Boys Season 4 will be even more diabolical than before – according to its producer, it boasts “the most disgusting thing” they’ve ever seen on television.

What’s been the most brutal moment in The Boys so far? Is it Popclaw crushing her landlord’s head while she has an orgasm, Homelander and Queen Maeve abandoning a doomed passenger plane, or perhaps The Deep being forced to eat an octopus he knows personally as ‘Timothy’?

The answer, for now, has to be Termite exploding out of his boyfriend’s penis in the Season 3 opener, a scene that immediately entered glorious infamy for its graphic, jaw-dropping nature.

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If you thought that was the peak, you’re terribly mistaken – The Boys Season 4 is going to up the ante.

The Boys producer teases “disgusting” scene in Season 4

Stephen Fleet, a VFX supervisor and associate producer on The Boys, recently tweeted about the fourth season – and it has fans very curious.

“I think I just saw the most disgusting thing I have seen working in this business thus far,” he wrote.

Most people have asked the same thing: how on Earth do you top a coke-head supe trying to pleasure a man inside his own penis, before sneezing and causing his body to explode, with his guts spilling onto the bed and floor?

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In an interview with Collider, A-Train’s Jessie T. Usher teased: “I can’t say if it’s more [carnage] or less. What I can say is it’s surprising. It’s surprising. It’s surprising for everyone. That’s all I can say!”

While not commenting on the level of violence, showrunner Eric Kripke also told Variety: “It’s super interesting and fun and really, really emotionally rich. Probably as emotionally complicated as we’ve ever done.

“So far, that’s been my big takeaway. Everyone is really facing their core issues in a way that’s pretty exciting, a very character-driven season.”

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