That Bullet Train post-credits scene, explained

Lucy-Jo Finnighan
prince and lemon in Bullet Train

Brad Pitt’s newest action movie Bullet Train follows the common trend of having a post-credits scene, but what actually happens in it?

Bullet Train, the newest blockbuster directed by David Leitch and starring Brad Pitt, has plenty of scenes to enjoy in it’s two hour runtime, and this includes a mid-credits scene.

If you’re wondering, Bullet Train only has one post-credits scene, and it actually happens midway through the credits. Mid-credits scenes have obviously become popular through their common occurrence in the MCU, and Bullet Train takes on a similarly humorous tone.

The scene follows the overarching plot of the film, that being a number of assassins being stuck on the same train for different reasons, but it adds to delightful context to an otherwise shocking scene.

What happens in Bullet Train?

To explain the post-credits scene, first we must explain a key plot point of the movie. So be warned: BULLET TRAIN SPOILERS AHEAD…

Throughout the film, Prince (Joey King) manipulates those around her in order to carry out her plan of murdering her father, the Russian mob boss the White Death (Michael Shannon). This makes her a delightfully unlikeable villain in her own right, as she fake-cries in order to win sympathy from her fellow train passengers, while simultaneously pushing a off child off a roof to blackmail another passenger.

Joey King as Prince in Bullet Train
Prince is a stand out antagonist of the film

One victim of her wicked ways in the assassin Lemon, who is working a job on the train with his “twin” brother Tangerine (codenames, of course).

Lemon (Brian Tyree Henry) manages to work out that Prince is not who she seems, and points a gun at her. However, he has previously been drugged by Ladybug (Brad Pitt), which causes him to fall to the ground in a dazed state. Prince therefore takes the opportunity and shoots him multiple times in the chest, leaving him to bleed out in the train’s bathroom.

She is also able to manipulate Ladybug into shooting and killing Lemon’s brother Tangerine (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) later on in the film. This is all part of Prince’s claim that she is able to get away with everything due to luck and fate always being on her side, as she is the self-proclaimed “Main Character.”

Tangerine and lemon in bullet train
Twin brothers Tangerine (left) and Lemon (right)

Now, if you’ve read our article about the characters who die in the film, you’ll know that list doesn’t involve Lemon. This is because Lemon actually survives, having worn a bullet proof vest. He does later jump out of the train after tackling an opponent during the film’s climax, but he miraculously survives that as well, since he and the mob member he was fighting land in a lake.

What happens in the Bullet Train post-credits scene?

Now, in the final moments of the film, where Prince is holding up a gun to Ladybug, she is suddenly hit and killed by a truck, her luck having seemingly ran out. At first the moment seems random, as if fate suddenly caused the truck to spin out of control, but the post-credits scene reveals that not to be the case.

The post-credits scene takes us back to “10 minutes ago,” which is a trope that the film uses rather often throughout. It shows Lemon jumping out of the lake, killing his mob opponent, then wandering down a road, where he finds an abandoned tangerine truck.

Taking it as a sign from his late brother, Lemon takes the vehicle, and uses it to run Prince over. After he does that, he whoops and yells out in celebration, and the scene ends.

Bullet Train is in cinemas now.