Succession Season 4: Who is Cyd Peach?

Cameron Frew
Cyd Peach and Tom Wambsgans in Succession

Who is Cyd Peach in Succession? Season 4 opened with a superb premiere that ended with Logan Roy berating Cyd Peach – but who is she in the show?

In our review, we said: “The stage is set for Battle Roy-al in Succession Season 4 Episode 1, as HBO’s peerless drama walks the dollar-green mile in its harshest, funniest form yet.”

The premiere unfolds during Logan’s birthday party, surrounded by Tom, Greg, and his other loyal Waystar lapdogs, while Kendall, Roman, and Shiv plot against him in a bidding war for PGM, his long-sought-after media conglomerate.

In the closing moments of the episode, we see him bark tiredly and drunkenly to Cyd Peach – it’s been a while since the last season, so here’s a quick breakdown on who she is.

Who is Cyd Peach in Succession?

Cyd Peach is the senior news division head at ATN, Waystar Royco’s Fox News-esque news division. She is played by Jeannie Berlin.

In the final scene of Episode 1, Logan calls Cyd as he watches a late-night news show on ATN. “Cyd. I just watched the top of the hour. It’s bullsh*t. People watch at night. I watch at night,” he says.

“Who is this f*cking lunk anyway? He looks like a ballsack in a toupée. Are you losing it, Cyd?” he continues, but despite her insisting she’s “all over it”, he adds: “Are you f*cking losing it?”

Cyd was first introduced in Season 2 after Tom was promoted to Chairman of Global Broadcast News at ATN – a job that seems incredibly similar to Cyd’s, but rest assured, she’s still higher on the food chain.

Prior to Tom’s arrival, there was an unspoken, symbiotic relationship between Waystar and ATN: Logan never set the news agenda, but it still managed to parrot his right-wing values. “If Logan had to tell me or any of my news editors what to run or what the angle was, we would be f*cked,” she tells Tom.

“That’s not how it works. This isn’t mind control. We hire people who want to work here, and we serve a demographic of highly, highly intelligent viewers who are really tired of being patronized elsewhere by latte-sipping douchebags with $100 haircuts.”

However, her relationship with Logan has only grown more frosty, especially in the lead-up to the election. From the trailers for Season 4, he’s set to get more involved in his newsroom. “It’s like Jaws, if everyone worked for Jaws,” Greg says.

Succession Season 4 Episode 1 is streaming on HBO and Sky now. Episode 2 will be available to watch on April 2 in the US and April 3 in the UK. Check out the rest of our coverage here.

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