Who is Sally Anne in Succession? Nicole Ansari-Cox explained

Sally Anne and Caroline in Succession Season 4 Episode 9HBO

Succession Season 4 Episode 9 briefly introduces a character we’ve never seen before: Sally Anne – so, who is she?

In our review, we called the penultimate chapter “an exceptional piece of television chock-full of unexpectedly scathing and tender embraces, and it highlights just how self-obsessed the Roys are even in grief.”

It’s important to remember that the whole fourth season has taken place over mere days – Logan’s death shook the world in Episode 3, which was a week ago in the show’s timeline.

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As the Roys gathered for the late patriarch’s funeral, they rubbed shoulders with politicians, businesspeople, and their mother Caroline, who takes Kerry under her wing and lets her meet Sally Anne. Spoilers to follow…

Who is Sally Anne in Succession?

Sally Anne, played by Nicole Ansari-Cox, was Logan’s mistress while he was married to Caroline.

Her name was first mentioned in Season 2 as Logan developed a behind-closed-doors relationship with Rhea Jarrell in his attempted takeover of PGM. While referenced sparingly, it’s implied his affair with Sally-Anne was messy and led to a bit of a mess at Waystar. It’s also assumed she was an employee at the company, but this hasn’t been confirmed.

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Earlier speaking to Variety, showrunner Jesse Armstrong explained: “Sally Anne was a relationship, or an infatuation. I think he gets them, but it’s sometimes romantic. Like, there seemed to be some romantic feelings with Rhea, with Holly Hunter’s character. And so I think that was just after things went wrong, however they went wrong.”

In the ninth episode, Caroline comforts Kerry and brings her over to meet Sally Anne, who’s then introduced to Marcia. Caroline described Sally-Anne as “my Kerry”, and the four women file into the front row at the church and giggle about Logan grinding his teeth at night. Marcia also holds Kerry’s hand as she cries.

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Here’s the fun bit: Nicole Ansari-Cox is Brian Cox’s real-life wife. She has also appeared in Law & Order, The Blacklist, and Deadwood.

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