Succession: Logan Roy’s sister Rose explained

Cameron Frew
Logan Roy, the brother of sister Rose Roy, in Succession

Succession Season 4 Episode 9 reveals the harrowing story of Rose Roy, Logan’s little sister who’s rarely been mentioned across the series – here’s what you need to know.

In our review, we wrote: “Succession Season 4 Episode 9 is an exceptional piece of television chock-full of unexpectedly scathing and tender embraces, and it highlights just how self-obsessed the Roys are even in grief.”

The penultimate episode unfolds at Logan Roy’s funeral in the wake of Jeryd Mencken’s yet-to-be-certified presidential election win, with the siblings coming together to remember their “brute” of a dad… while also plotting their next moves at Waystar Royco.

As the funeral begins, Logan’s brother Ewan speaks about their childhood, including what happened to their sister Rose – here’s a quick breakdown.

Succession: What happened to Logan’s sister Rose Roy?

Rose died from polio after Logan returned home from boarding school, and he’s always blamed himself for her death, believing he brought the disease back with him.

Prior to this episode, we knew next to nothing about Rose beyond that she’d passed away at a young age and Logan felt he was responsible – something Ewan, for all his unflinching resentment of his brother, has never agreed with.

In Season 2 Episode 8, Ewan tells him that it wasn’t his fault. In the same episode, Kendall lures Rhea Jarrell into paying tribute to her during her toast, knowing it’ll upset him, which it does. Following his death, the same piece of paper that sparked the debate over Kendall’s succession also had this note: “I wish to be buried with the attached copy of my sister Rose’s photograph.”

There’s been a few theories around Rose’s fate over the years, with some citing Logan’s scars on his back as a possible clue – perhaps Rose was abused by her aunt and uncle so viciously that it led to her death, and Logan could have stopped it?

However, in the newest episode, Ewan tells all about Rose. When they were sent across to America during the war, they lived with their wealthy aunt and uncle, who sent him to a “nice” school. He absolutely hated it, and among other things, he was sick, but he managed to make it home “on his own steam.”

Rose was just a baby at the time, and she got polio shortly after his return. It “took her”, and Logan believed he was to blame. Ewan doesn’t know if he was responsible for bringing polio into their home, but their aunt and uncle didn’t do anything to “disabuse him of that notion.” We all have our demons, and this may be the root of Logan’s greatest, most insurmountable guilt.

Succession Season 4 Episodes 1-9 are streaming on HBO and Sky now. Episode 10 will be available to watch on May 28 in the US and May 29 in the UK. Check out our other coverage below:

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