Stranger Things writers reveal number of episodes in Season 5

Josh Tyler
Stranger Things Season 5 will have eight episodes

Stranger Things writers showed off a storyboard that could have shown the total number of episodes in Season 5.

There are so many questions still unanswered entering the final season of Stranger Things.

From Max’s fate to the possibility of Vecna‘s return to simply which characters will live or die, fans are waiting for Season 5 with baited breath.

While most details about the last season are still unknown, the Stranger Things writers may have given fans a clue about how long Season 5 will be.

Stranger Things board shows 8-episode Season 5

The Twitter account for the Stranger Things writers recently showed a photo from the writers room in preparation for the final season.

With the caption simply reading “grid stage” it appears that the writers are currently in the very early planning stages for the fifth season.

But, what most fans have honed in on is the fact that the board lists eight episodes, seemingly confirming the length of Season 5.

This would make Season 5 one episode shorter than Season 4, which was also broken up into two parts for its release (Season 4 Volume I included the first seven episodes while Volume II had only two episodes that were longer).

Now, it’s not confirmed that this will be the length of the final season, as there still could be changes or adjustments, but the fact that the writers are structuring Season 5 into eight episodes indicates the season length is getting locked in.

While the board is currently clean of any information regarding Season 5 of Stranger Things, it will be interesting to see what ideas fill that board over the next months and years and how they will translate to the screen.