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Steven Moffat reveals Doctor Who’s ‘Blink’ had a very different ending

Published: 4/Nov/2020 18:31 Updated: 4/Nov/2020 18:33

by Emma Soteriou


Doctor Who’s former showrunner, Steven Moffat, has shared the original script for ‘Blink’, which included a different ending based on Sally Sparrow’s future wedding.

Following on from the previous lockdown, another Doctor Who ‘tweetalong’ is set to take place every Saturday, for fans to discuss some of their favorite episodes of the show.

The tweetalongs also bring about extras from previous showrunners as well as those who have starred in the show.

Weeping Angel in Doctor Who's Blink
BBC/Doctor Who
Weeping angel in Doctor Who’s Blink

What was the original ending to Blink?

As one of the most famous episodes of Doctor Who, Blink remains just as popular today as it’s ever been. If not for anything else, then for David Tennant’s well-known ‘wibbly-wobbly-timey-wimey’ line.

However, it’s the episode’s clever writing that scored it massive points with fans, especially considering The Doctor was hardly in it.

The writer of that episode, who soon became showrunner afterwards, recently shared his original script called ‘Sally Sparrow and the Weeping Angel’, which included both a different ending and the lack of one keyword – Blink.

The word only appeared three times in the original, which soon became a lot more after showrunner Russell T Davies recommended it be a focus of the episode.

The full script, which is available here, saw The Doctor drop a few spoilers at the end of the episode, telling Sally Sparrow that he would see her at the wedding and accidentally showing her a book signed ‘Sally Nightingale’.

That being said, it also brought into question Sparrow’s future, with the possibility she married someone else in Larry Nightingale’s family – an aunt. Moffat admitted that Davies liked this ending as it was ‘a bit more lesbian’.

When sharing the script, Moffat also explained his decision to change the ending: “I hated the last scene so much that the morning after I emailed the script – before I’d even heard a note – I wrote a new ending and hurriedly sent it in. No one has seen this version in years, and hardly anyone saw it at the time.”

Some parts may not have made the final cut, but Moffat’s excellent work on this script earned him three awards and recognition among all Doctor Who fans for one of the best episodes of the show.

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Everything we know about John Wick Chapter 4: Cast, release date, more

Published: 17/Nov/2020 21:23

by Michael Gwilliam


Fans of John Wick expecting the series to wrap up with Chapter 3: Parabellum in 2019 were in for a major shock when the film ended with a cliffhanger leading to yet another installment.

Since beginning in 2014, the John Wick series has received critical acclaim from fans and critics for its unique setting where seemingly everyone is an underground assassin and over-the-top violence.

The action series still has at least two more films up its sleeves, plus a potential spinoff in Ballerina and a television prequel titled “The Continental.” But for fans of the original series, chapter four is where all their attention lies.

Here is everything we know about John Wick Chapter 4 right now.

John Wick stealth
John Wick Chapter 4 got pushed back to 2022.

When is John Wick Chapter 4 coming out?

Due to the world health crisis and the fact Keanu Reeves is working on The Matrix 4, John Wick had to be pushed back a bit from its planned 2021 release.

How much is a bit? Try a full year. On May 1, 2020, Lionsgate announced the film had been pushed back to May 27, 2022.

While this is rather unfortunate, it’s expected, as many big Hollywood projects fell behind in production. At least hopefully by then, theaters will be open so we can see all the action on the big screen.

Fishburne in John Wick
Hopefully Laurence Fishburne returns for Chapter 4.

Who is starring in the film?

As of this moment, only Keanu Reeves is confirmed to return as the title character, however, it’s likely that we’ll end up seeing Laurence Fishburne come back as The Bowery King given Chapter 3’s ending.

Additionally, given the number of loose threads, it’s likely that we will see quite Asia Kate Dillon come back as The Adjudicator, Ian McShane as Winston, and Lance Reddick as Charon.

Of course, with a fifth chapter still to come, some of the potential returnees could end up being saved for the future entry.

John Wick wields gun
The John Wick films keep outdoing themselves.

What is John Wick Chapter 4 about?

At the end of the third film, John was betrayed by Winston after the two worked together to fight off High Table assassins within The Continental.

After being shot and falling from the roof of the building, Wick is nowhere to be found. It’s then revealed that John had been delivered to The Bowery King where the two plan revenge against The High Table.

Unfortunately, how the two end up striking back remains a mystery for now, but Director Chad Stahelski teased some new ideas he has in store for the film.

John Wick on horseback
How will Chapter 4 top horses?

“I think I have a lot of really cool ideas for the next one that I think are different and shocking and fun and unique,” Stahelski said in an interview with Collider.

With the fifth film still confirmed, we can only expect this fourth entry to conclude with some sort of cliffhanger as well, but only time will tell. Until then, we can just wait or go back and rewatch the previous three action masterpieces.