Squid Game: The Challenge makes shocking change to iconic game

Daisy Phillipson
Still from Squid Game: The Challenge

The first half of Squid Game: The Challenge has arrived on Netflix, and with it, a shocking change has been made to one of the show’s most iconic games. 

Squid Game captured the attention of audiences across the globe when it hit Netflix in 2021, going on to become one of the streamer’s most-viewed shows with its unique blend of impeccable storytelling, brutal violence, and lift-or-death children’s games, wrapped up in an allegory about capitalism. 

Though the social commentary is missing – as are the deaths – Squid Game: The Challenge captures the spirit of its predecessor, bringing the games to life as a whopping 456 real contestants battle it out for a $4.56 million prize. 

While many of the games have been recreated for the competition series, there are some notable changes – including an additional stage to one of the most famous challenges of all. Warning: Spoilers ahead!

Squid Game: The Challenge changes iconic game

The Dalgona honeycomb cookie game has been recreated for Squid Game: The Challenge, but to overcome the issue of all contestants knowing to pick the easiest shape, the creators have added an additional step.

As you’ll likely already know, in Squid Game, the Dalgona game is sprung upon the players only after they’ve all split into groups and chosen one of four shapes: circle, triangle, star, or umbrella.

It’s only once they’ve settled on their shape that they realize they’re going to have to cut it out of a Dalgona cookie using just a needle (and some spit) – if it breaks or they don’t complete the challenge in time, they’re shot dead. In other words, no one wants the umbrella. 

Still from Squid Game: The Challenge

But since the Squid Game: The Challenge contestants already know what shapes to go for, before the game begins, they are told to split into four groups in an empty room and stand in a single file. 

The first four people in each of the queues are then sent into the Dalgona room, where they have to pick their shapes for their teams. If they can’t all agree within two minutes, all four are eliminated and the next four are brought in. This process is repeated until everyone in the group reaches a unanimous decision. 

Although it’s a shocking twist, especially as you watch it play out and realize they’ve got to battle it out for the best shape, it’s a great way of overcoming their prior knowledge of the game while also allowing for it to stay true to the original series. 

For those who are lumped with the umbrella? That’s just the way the cookie crumbles.

Squid Game: The Challenge Batch 1 (Episodes 1-5) is on Netflix now, while Batch 2 (Episodes 6-9) arrives on November 29. You can find more about the show below:

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