Spider-Man 4 leaks reveal “big plan” to introduce Venom

tom holland as spiderman and tom hardy venomMarvel Studios, Sony

Tom Holland’s next MCU outing in Spider-Man 4 could have huge ramifications for the introduction of Venom, including the arrival of the iconic black symbiote suit.

Spider-Man has been enjoying a cultural renaissance over the last few years. Thanks to the brilliant Insomniac Games series, Into The Spider-Verse, and Tom Holland’s MCU entries – the road ahead for Spidey is bright indeed.

With Phase Five and Six on the horizon for Marvel, many fans have been wondering whether Tom Hardy’s Venom will ever interact with Holland’s Peter Parker.

Plans for Spider-Man 4 are in the works and new leaks are suggesting that the anticipated crossover may finally come to fruition.

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Tom Holland’s Spider-Man 4 to “build up” to Venom crossover

Following the events of No Way Home and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, the MCU is open to a plethora of multiversal opportunities.

With that in mind, YouTuber and leaker Heavy Spoilers explained that their sources have alleged: “There are discussions going on at the moment over when it will be released, with the aim being that will be a 2024 movie.

“It won’t actually build off the tease at the end of No Way Home… Marvel originally had this big plan about how they wanted to bring in Tom Holland and his Spider-Man, then slowly build up to this black suit,” continued the leaker.

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Discussion at 4:40

The emergence of the Venom franchise “caused a lot of trouble behind the scenes” in regards to making the crossover happen.

Heavy Spoilers alleges that the “next” Spider-Man movie won’t focus on the symbiote suit just yet, but instead “it is been saved for a film further down the line.”

Of course, eagle-eyed fans will be aware that the symbiote suit appears in the original Secret Wars comic run, which could be an indication of where to expect it on the big screen.

If Marvel Studios are biding their time when it comes to meeting Tom Hardy, it would line up with a scoop from DanielRPK, back in December 2021: “Venom 3 will explore the multiverse and we’ll see Venom finally meeting and fighting Spider-Man.”

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Nonetheless, the Venom universe has yet to confirm which iteration of Spidey exists. With Venom and Morbius confirmed to be in the same universe, which now contains the MCU’s Vulture, will we see Holland in the mix or perhaps Andrew Garfield instead?

Well, Phase Five begins the next era in 2023, so we’ll just have to wait for the grand reveal.