She-Hulk & No Way Home More Fun Stuff Edition explained how the memory wipe worked

Josh Tyler
Spider-Man: No Way Home

A new fan theory has tied two new pieces of information from Spider-Man: No Way Home’s More Fun Stuff Edition and the latest She-Hulk episode to explain the MCU’s memory wipe spell.

Spider-Man: No Way Home was a box office sensation and one of the best-received MCU movies of Phase 4, not just because of all the past Spideys and villains it brought together, but how the ending amped up the stakes for Peter 1 (Tom Holland).

At the end of No Way Home, Peter tells Doctor Strange that the only way to fix the rift between universes is to cast a spell that will make everyone forget about Peter Parker, therefore counteracting the original spell that went wrong.

Even though the movie ended with Peter all on his own, with MJ, Ned, and Happy not recognizing him, there were still questions about how exactly the spell worked.

But new information has given rise to a theory about how the spell actually worked.

She-Hulk & Spider-Man: No Way Home new footage explain the memory wipe

According to the YouTube channel New Rockstars, which specializes in tying knowledge from the comics and MCU to predict what might be happening off-screen, the last week has given some new clues to explain more about that spell.

First, the new information from Wong’s appearance in She-Hulk episode 3. The fact that Wong remembers that the spell was cast, despite not being involved in doing so, would indicate that the past has not been fundamentally altered to erase Peter Parker from existence — Marty McFly style.

However, because Wong was there when Peter asked Doctor Strange to cast the spell and still remembers that there are some huge questions as to how Wong could remember an event with Peter, but not remember Peter himself.

Luckily, No Way Home’s More Fun Stuff version gives New Rockstars and us one more key piece of information.

In a deleted post-credit scene, the video describes a digital yearbook of Peter’s high school friends and all the events shown throughout the MCU.

However, whereas most assumed that, due to the memory wipe spell Peter wouldn’t be in these photos, he actually is, just with his face obscured or his back turned.

This, then, seems to give us the answer as to how the memory spell worked.

The events of the three MCU Spider-Man movies still happened, people know of Spider-Man’s involvement, but everyone who Peter came into contact with just forgot he was there.

Now, there is still the question of how those close to him, like Ned and MJ, don’t remember all their adventures together, but in all likelihood, they either remember hanging out with Spider-Man or just remember doing things with some random kid they don’t talk to anymore.

All of this could open some incredible possibilities for any future MCU Spider-Man movies. Because, if the spell worked as the latest She-Hulk and No Way Home clues indicate, there is the possibility that Peter could get his friends to remember him.

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