Sesame Street makes TikTok account after HBO episode removal and instantly goes viral

Philip Trahan
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Sesame Street has created its own TikTok account, which quickly went viral following the removal of over 200 episodes from HBO Max.

With the social media platform TikTok continuing to grow in popularity, plenty of media properties have joined the trend.

Now, the iconic kid’s program Sesame Street is the latest property to join TikTok, quickly going viral with its first post.

This comes right off the heels of Warner Bros. Discovery removing 200 episodes of the show from HBO Max, which caused quite the stir among fans.

Sesame Street goes viral on TikTok

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Sesame’s first TikTok featured The Martian Muppets in a cute video that earned over one million views.

Sesame Street created its own TikTok account on August 22, 2022, with a short video featuring The Martians.

The video shows the pink and gold Martians saying “Tik…Tok” over and over again, in their funny way of speaking.

The video quickly surpassed over one million views, with thousands of comments from fans expressing their excitement and joy over the TikTok account’s creation.

“You just made soooo many 40-somethings extremely happy,” replied one TikTok user.

The official PBS TikTok account even joined in on the fun, welcoming the show to the social media platform.

Many no doubt found a bit of solace in this debut on social media coming off the back of Warner Bros. Discovery’s removal of 200 episodes of Sesame Street from HBO Max, which earned the ire of countless fans.

As of the time of writing, the account has only posted three videos, including a throwback to the show’s iconic and catchy Pinball Number Count segment.

Those interested in introducing the show to their kids or even just rekindling some childhood memories should drop the official Sesame Street TikTok account a follow and stay tuned for more wholesome content coming in the future.