Outer Banks: Who is Edward Teach?

Outer Banks Edward TeachYouTube: Netflix

Season 3 of Outer Banks ended with the Pogues getting a lead on a new future treasure, including clues within the diary of a mysterious figure named Edward Teach. Who is this mysterious figure?

John B and the rest of the Pogues have spent the last three seasons scouring the Outer Banks and Caribbean for famous treasures, only to seemingly always come up short.

In Season 3, the Pogues were in search of the mythical city of El Dorado, hoping that the riches from the fabled City of Gold would let them finally settle down to normalcy.

But the season ended with the Pogues getting tempted with another lost treasure, one that could be even more famous than El Dorado.

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Warning: Spoilers for Outer Banks Season 3 below.

Who is Edward Teach and how will he fit into Outer Banks Season 4?

In the epilogue of Season 3, the Pogues are enjoying the spoils of their newly-discovered booty. But while all seems to have calmed down, a stranger approaches John B with an invitation to find another treasure in the diary of an “Edward Teach.”

Edward Teach is the name of the real life pirate Blackbeard. Blackbeard reportedly sailed in the West Indies and Caribbean during the late 1600s, famously engaging in acts of piracy.

Blackbeard was famous for his mythical treasure, which was said to be worth an estimated $12.5 million, buried somewhere in this region.

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It has never been confirmed whether this treasure actually existed, but it does remain a prize for treasure hunters, which would include John B and the Pogues.

The teaser of Blackbeard’s treasure certainly appears to be setting up a reunion for one more big score in the upcoming fourth season of Outer Banks.