Nintendo confirms new Super Mario Movie arriving in 2026

Theo Burman
Mario, Princess Peach, and Toad in Super Mario Bros Movie

Nintendo has announced that a new Super Mario Bros. Movie is in the works, with a release date slated for mid-2026.

On the official Nintendo of America Twitter/X account, Mario and Zelda creator Shigeru Miyamoto confirmed that the film was aiming to be in theatres on April 3rd, 2026.

The film will once again be produced by Illumination, the studio behind the original 2023 movie. Defying most expectations, the first film became the second-highest-grossing movie of 2023, resulting in a sequel being greenlit soon afterwards.

Shigeru Miyamoto announces release date of new Mario Movie

The tweet read: “This is Miyamoto. We are now creating a new animated film based on the world of Super Mario Bros. This film is planned for release in theaters on April 3rd, 2026 in the US and many other markets, and throughout the month of April in other territories.

“We’ll let you know the details once we’re ready to share more. This time too, the staff at Illumination and Nintendo are working together. We’re thinking about broadening Mario’s world further, and it’ll have a bright and fun story. We hope you’ll look forward to it!”

Like with the original press release confirming the movie, there is no language describing the film as a sequel. It’s possible this new film could focus on other parts of the game’s story.

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