New Trolls 3 trailer shows fun songs and a shocking twist

Lucy-Jo Finnighan
trolls 3

Trolls 3 has just dropped a new trailer, which shows how the threequel is about to pay tribute to boybands, both in songs and plot.

Trolls 3, AKA Trolls Band Together is the anticipated threequel to the Trolls series. After the second film was the first movie shown in cinemas after global restrictions, the franchise has become somewhat infamous in the world of cinema.

Because of this, the upcoming third film is no doubt going to be talked about just as much. And since a new trailer has just dropped, everyone and their kids are hyped for what’s coming.

Said trailer is available to watch below, and features a ton of our old favourite characters, along with some new interesting faces, and a shocking twist…

Trolls 3 drops a trailer with a twist

Just today, Trolls Band Together dropped its newest trailer online, and it’s as troll-tastic as you’d expect. Check it out below:

The trailer begins with wedding bells, as its the season of love with the Trolls. Even Poppy and Branch are seeming to wonder about tying the knot, however, a sudden turn of events stops Branch from thinking about anything else.

See, while singing killed his grandma, Branch wasn’t the only music lover in his family. Turns out he has a whole distant family, a bunch of long-lost brothers, with whom a band was formed many years ago. And despite them all splitting up over time, his big brother is back, and he wants to get the band back together.

As shown by the plot, the film is set to cover a lot of boyband music, particularly from the ’90s and early 2000s. Justin Timberlake, the voice of Branch, was obviously an ex-member of NSYNC, and as stated by producer Gina Shay in an interview with Dexerto, “We have five original songs by Justin Timberlake in the movie, and it’s so exciting.”

This trailer comes after Dreamworks shared a first look at the film during their Licensing Expo in Las Vegas.

So you’ll be able to catch all of these characters again, as well as the awesome music and animation in full, when the film drops at the end of the year. And we certainly can’t wait.

Trolls Band Together is set to released in cinemas on November 2023.