New Deadpool & Wolverine trailer made co-creator Rob Liefeld’s feet trend – here’s why

Christopher Baggett
Ryan Reynolds as Deapdool

Deadpool co-creator Rob Liefeld and feet are trending on social media thanks to an incredible Deadpool & Wolverine Easter egg.

The new Deadpool & Wolverine trailer has certainly bolstered excitement for the upcoming film, finally showcasing Hugh Jackman’s returning Wolverine in action.

It also has a slew of nods and cameos throughout, from finally confirming Emma Corrin’s Cassandra Nova to a gruesome Giant Man body. But fans are losing their minds over one nod in particular: a store in the background of one shot called Liefeld’s Just Feet.

If you’re not a comic fan, it just feels like a random store, but it’s actually a laser-targeted nod to Deadpool co-creator Rob Liefeld.

Rob Liefeld just feet store
An apparent shoe store in the Deadpool & Wolverine trailer is a nod to co-creator Rob Liefeld.

Liefield, who co-created Deadpool alongside Fabian Nicieza in 1991, is an energetic and unforgettable figure in comics who became so prominent that he had his own Levi 501s ad. But his unique art style is also infamous among fans, particularly his way of drawing feet — or, in some cases, avoiding drawing them.

Naturally, fans and comic creators alike on social media are having a field day with the nod, with “Liefeld’s Just Feet” trending right alongside “Old Man Logan” on Twitter/X. And while there are obviously many fans who are being overly mean about Liefeld’s art style after all these years, most are having a laugh and appreciating the nod for what it is.

“Look. I don’t like to s*** on Rob,” one Reddit user said, “But that right there is funny.”

Liefeld himself, for what it’s worth, not only enjoys the joke but also confirmed Marvel had contacted him about the Easter egg.

“In addition to talking about this trailer, I share the details of the call from marvel biz affairs about the ‘Liefeld Orthopedic Store’ on tomorrow’s podcast.” Liefeld said on his Twitter/X account.

Liefeld remains one of the film’s most vocal supporters, although he won’t be returning for a cameo this time around. He has praised the film’s action, calling Deadpool & Wolverine “the BEST action since Winter Soldier” in another tweet.

Deadpool & Wolverine is in theaters July 26

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