Monarch: Legacy of Monsters – Release date, cast, & everything we know

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Monarch: Legacy of the Monsters

Here’s everything we know about Monarch: Legacy of Monsters, including the latest information regarding the release date, cast, plot, and more.

The MonsterVerse, a cinematic universe that has brought to life the colossal battles of Godzilla and Kong, is about to expand its horizons. Apple TV+ has unveiled its plans to bring the iconic kaiju into the streaming world with “Monarch: Legacy of Monsters.”

Set to premiere in late 2023, the 10-episode series will not only explore the history of the secretive organization known as Monarch but also offer a glimpse into the 1950s, a crucial era for the emergence of Godzilla.

With a cast that includes the father-son duo of Kurt Russell and Wyatt Russell, as well as Anna Sawai, Kiersey Clemons, and Ren Watabe, and co-developed by talents like Chris Black and Matt Fraction, the anticipation is building. Here’s what we know:


Does Monarch: Legacy of Monsters have a release date?

Kurt Russell (Lee Shaw – later in life)

The release date for “Monarch: Legacy of Monsters” has not yet been set, but the show is expected to premiere sometime in late 2023.

It’s entirely possible that the show could air on November 3, 2023, as this marks Godzilla Day, set to mark the 69th anniversary of Godzilla (1954). But of yet, nothing has been confirmed.

The show will premiere on Apple TV+ with a 10-episode first season, and no further seasons have been confirmed at this point. The show will be the first MonsterVerse live-action story since “Godzilla vs. Kong” and will be the last before the anticipated sequel planned for release in 2024.

Monarch: Legacy of Monsters Cast

Wyatt Russell (Lee Shaw – 1950s)

The cast of “Monarch: Legacy of Monsters” has mostly been confirmed, with a father-son duo of Kurt Russell and Wyatt Russell set to headline. Both will play the character Lee Shaw, with Kurt portraying him later in life and Wyatt in the 1950s. The cast includes:

  • Kurt Russell (Lee Shaw – later in life)
  • Wyatt Russell (Lee Shaw – 1950s)
  • Anna Sawai (Cate Randa)
  • Kiersey Clemons (May)
  • Ren Watabe (Kentaro)
  • Mari Yamamoto (Keiko)
  • Anders Holm (Bill Randa)
  • Joe Tippett (Tim)
  • Elisa Lasowski (Duvall)

Monarch: Legacy of Monsters plot details

Anna Sawai (Cate Randa)

“Monarch: Legacy of Monsters” is set to take us on a thrilling journey through time, unraveling the secrets of the Monarch organization, which has been monitoring monsters like Godzilla and Kong. Following the cataclysmic battle between Godzilla and the Titans that devastated San Francisco, the series introduces us to two siblings determined to uncover their family’s connection to Monarch.

The plot spans three generations and takes us back to the 1950s, where we meet Army officer Lee Shaw, played by both Kurt Russell and Wyatt Russell. The series explores Shaw’s involvement with Monarch and the secrets he knows that threaten the organization half a century later.

The storyline promises to delve into the mythology of Godzilla, possibly linking to his creation from atomic bomb experimentation. With buried secrets, epic events, and a connection to the broader MonsterVerse, “Monarch: Legacy of Monsters” is poised to be a dramatic saga that could set up future MonsterVerse installments.

That’s everything we know about Monarch: Legacy of Monsters, but we’ll be sure to update this page as more info rolls out. 

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