MCU fans say this scene is “too tough” to watch again

Gabriela Silva
Rocket in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 scene.

The MCU has its gut-wrenching moments of ugly sobbing, but there’s one specific scene that fans can’t emotionally stomach watching in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3.

On Reddit, a fan posed the question of what scene in the MCU is too difficult to rewatch again. Some answered Wanda waking up to realizing her sons were never real and the reality of her pain and grief in Wandavision. But fans unanimously agreed on Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 being the hardest.

The movie focuses on Rocket’s backstory as the Guardians try to save him from death and seek out his creator. The scene in question was one of Rocket’s flashbacks to the time he was created. In the pivotal moment, he learns High Evolutionary will kill him and his friends.

They were deemed imperfect for the new world with High Evolutionary angered that Rocket was smarter than him. While Rocket engineers a key to escape, Lylla is killed by High Evolutionary.

Rocket and Lylla death scene in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3

As Rocket cries over Lylla, you can hear Floor desperately say, “Rocket, Teefs, Floor go now!” She says it again as Rocket goes into a fit of rage attacking High Evolutionary. And as guards arrive and they shoot, Rocket kills them. But he turns to realize both Floor and Teefs are dead. The scene is a gut-wrenching one as the only friends Rocket had are dead, and feels responsible for letting his rage take over.

“Yeah, I’m never watching that one again. It’s an amazing movie but it’s also such a heartbreaking one,” said one fan on Reddit.

Another agreed having said, “Same, I barely made it through the theater viewing and I am not about to subject myself to that again. I’d never felt so much hatred for a villain and so much empathy for their victims. Seeing Rocket get revenge was cathartic because even I wanted to come through the screen and kill this motherf*cker.”

“It’s the only MCU movie I haven’t seen more than once because of that scene. It was like watching someone kill my dogs,” explained one fan.

There’s no denying that the movie is a tear-jerker that requires a tissue box. For more movies that might cause some tears, there are more than a few releasing this month.