Lost fans slam “disrespectful” viewing recommendation after show hits Netflix

Jessica Cullen
Josh Holloway as Sawyer in Lost

An article breaking down the “20 most pointless Lost episodes” has gone viral, and fans and non-fans alike have taken to social media to defend filler episodes.

With Lost just having joined Netflix’s slate of new TV shows, many are taking a moment to revisit the legendary and polarizing series. With six seasons, 121 episodes, and a mystery-laden plot that wove itself like a web, there were bound to be a few “filler episodes” in the mix.

Often times, episodes were solely dedicated to exploring one character, or to unwrap one seemingly meaningless detail. Not everyone loves a filler episode, but an article from Vulture writing off 20 “pointless” episodes of the show has received backlash for being “disrespectful.”

What’s more, it’s caused yet another wave of reconsideration for the current state of TV. With streaming service models steering towards a binge mentality and plot-heavy storylines, some comments seem to yearn for the days of simple installments.

“The Binge TV streaming model has ruined audience’s appreciation of the beauty of long 24 episode seasons, full of weird one-shot episodes where the writers room spins out incredibly creative stuff,” said one X/Twitter user. “Not every episode worth telling needs to be A Story.”

Another wrote: “The hatred of ‘filler episodes’ has done irreparable damage to how people watch TV. Some of these episodes were criticized at release, but much of the magic of shows like Lost, Next Gen, and the X-Files was just hanging with these characters, and I miss shows that let us do that.”

“‘Exposé; is a top 10 Lost episode and is exactly the kind of fun a show like that could have that is illegal on TV now because Plot Is God,” wrote another.

One added: “108% incorrect and disappointing take. Disrespectful to the writers and 300+ cast/crew who worked on every single episode, bringing one of the best shows ever created to life for six complete seasons.”

“Counterpoint: LOST is one of the great network masterpieces of the twenty-first century TV revolution. If you skip its filler bullsh*t and write-arounds, you’re not actually watching the show,” another comment said.

Often, filler episodes (or episodes that veer away from the main storyline altogether) become some of the most famous in a show’s run.

Just last year, The Last of Us aired ‘Long, Long Time’, an episode that didn’t add anything to the main plot, but served as one of the most praised (and most talked-about) in the whole season.

Shows like Breaking Bad (‘Fly’), The Sopranos (‘Pine Barrens’), and Bojack Horseman (‘Fish Out of Water’) all have notable filler episodes that certainly wouldn’t be considered as “skippable”. In fact, some shows – like The Bear and X-Files – are built upon story-of-the-week formats, often moving away from the main arc.

To check out Lost’s catalog for yourself, you can head over to Netflix and watch it now.

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