Live-action Rapunzel ‘casting’ sparks backlash — but there’s a twist

Gabriela Silva
Rapunzel and Finn in Tangled

With long golden hair and a sweet singing voice, Rapunzel has been one of Disney’s most well-loved princesses, but a recent “casting” of the main character for a live-action has fans up in arms.

Many remember Rapunzel’s princess story of being trapped in a tower and using her long beautiful hair to escape the clutches of a witch. As well as get her true love story with a prince. Based on the Brothers Grimm original, Disney released Tangled in 2010.

Fans of all ages fell in love with Mandy Moore’s vocal rendition of the character, the songs, the visuals, and the love story adventure. With a recent wave of live-action remakes like Ariel, fans often contemplated who would best represent Rapunzel.

There have been a few options fans are excited about like Florence Pug. A recent casting had fans showing outrage online, but there’s a catch.

In a now-deleted tweet by X/Twitter user @adoreschandler, they claimed that actors Avantika Vandanapu and Milo Manheim have been cast in the live-action roles of Rapunzel and Flynn Rider.

Vandanapu is known among fans for her leading role in the Disney Channel movie Spin, and Netflix’s Senior Year. However, her recent claim to fame is the role of Karen Shetty in the musical movie Mean Girls. Manheim also got his start on Disney having played Zed in the original movies titled Zombies. He also starred in School Spirits and the horror slasher Thanksgiving.

The news of the casting didn’t sit well with fans, but even the original poster revealed the news was fake. It was a fan-casting they particularly enjoyed for the possibility of a live-action remake of Tangled. But the fake casting has many giving their two cents. Many claimed that Rapunzel has to be white with blonde hair as she has German origins.

TikTok user they.luv.zoey said, “Sorry but a brown girl with long black hair is NOT Rapunzel (she IS pretty just don’t make sense).”

When it comes to a live-action Tangled, Disney hasn’t made any official statement that it’s a movie in the works. It’s unclear with the recent wave of live-actions if Rapunzel’s story will come to life on the big screen.

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