Is Alice Morgan in Luther: The Fallen Sun?

Ruth Wilson as Alice Morgan in Luther: The Fallen SunBBC

Luther: The Fallen Sun finally gives Idris Elba’s detective his own movie – but is Alice Morgan in it?

From the very beginning of Luther on the BBC, Alice was the through line. Played inimitably by Ruth Wilson, she was introduced in the first episode and became all things to Luther: murderer, genius, psychopath, ally, lover, and more.

Season 4 infuriatingly tried to kill her offscreen. This slap in the face was rightly rectified by the fifth season, in which she returned and roped Luther into a blackmail-and-kidnap scheme with George Cornelius.

While the finale seemed to close the book on her character, some fans may be wondering ahead of the movie: will Alice Morgan appear in Luther: The Fallen Sun?

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Is Alice Morgan in Luther: The Fallen Sun?

Bad news: Ruth Wilson has not returned as Alice Morgan in Luther: The Fallen Sun.

When we last saw her, she plummeted through scaffolding to her death in Season 5. However, a return in the future isn’t entirely off the cards, according to creator Neil Cross.

In a press release, he said: “Well, we’re an extended family and Ruth Wilson is an important part of it. It’s a family I care about very much. So… who knows?”

The only actor to reprise their role from the show is Dermot Crowley as DSU Martin Schenk. Cross said it was the creative team’s “single biggest narrative challenge” to make “one movie for two distinct audiences.”

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“It was important that we respect and honour both audiences equally. That meant finding a way to acknowledge what had gone before without getting ourselves or anyone else weighed down by it… I would have considered it discourteous to risk overwhelming new viewers with too many returning characters.”

Speaking to Capital Radio about the possibility of Alice coming back, he said: “This is a question for Neil Cross, who writes Luther and I think he’s definitely thought about that.

“And I think we’ve all imagined an Alice show because it would just be amazing. But also, I think Alison in the Luther universe is not dead.”

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Luther: The Fallen Sun is available to stream on Netflix now.