House of the Dragon character slammed for “serving face” at wrong moment

Jessica Cullen
Jace and Rhaenyra at Luke's funeral in House of the Dragon

House of the Dragon Season 2 kicks off with an emotional goodbye to a lost son, but one character is getting roasted for “serving” at the funeral.

In House of the Dragon Season 2 Episode 1, Rhaenyra spends a good chunk of the episode off on her own. Still reeling from the death of her son Lucerys, she and her dragon Syrax fly around Dragonstone, shattered from grief.

When she eventually stumbles on the remains of his and Arrax’s bodies, Rhaenyra breaks down. Finally able to mourn and move on with her quest for vengeance, she and her other children hold a funeral for Luke to say goodbye.

However, her eldest son, Jacaerys, is distracting viewers for one reason: he can’t stop “serving face” at his baby brother’s funeral. Yes, some might say that the big goodbye — which is really just burning a cloak, since there’s no body to speak of — is the wrong time and place to pose up a storm, but Jacaerys is doing it anyway.

“Jace your baby brother died and you serving FACE?,” one X user wrote.

Others chimed in, adding: “YOU’RE FINDING OUT YOUR BROTHER IS DEAD AND YOU’RE SERVING FACE??” and: “Mewing streak unbeaten.”

“Someone said ‘Jace’ and he heard ‘Face’,” another joked.

A fourth added: “I deadass said ‘let’s not mew at your brothers funeral.'”

“LMAO that’s literally that Fleabag episode when Fleabag looked good and chic at her mother’s funeral,” another pointed out.

Honestly, Jacaerys can’t be blamed. Between him, Rhaenyra, and Daemon, the entire Targaryen-Velaryon unit are serving. Now that Rhaenyra’s plot to take back her throne is in full swing, they’ll likely be serving some Hightower heads on platters, too.

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