Halloween Ends director explains why Michael Myers is missing for much of the movie

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Director David Gordon Green has been discussing his decision to sideline Michael Myers for much of Halloween Ends, stating that it was a big risk, but one that felt right.

Halloween Ends is the final installment in David Gordon Green’s trilogy sequel to John Carpenter’s original 1978 Halloween.

But rather than spend two hours focussing on hero Laurie Strode and villain Michael Myers, the film instead introduces a new character called Corey Cunningham, with much of the movie then revolving around him.

Fans have been both confused and frustrated by that decision, but Green says “intuition” led he and his writers down that path.

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Why is Michael Myers barely in Halloween Ends?

Speaking to Collider about the lack of Michael Myers in Halloween Ends, David Gordon Green admitted he was asking a lot of the fans.

“I just watched the movie outside of a technical format, meaning in a sound mix or a color correction, for the first time two days ago,” Green tells the website.

“We really just finished this movie. So two days ago, and I’m watching it and I’m like, ‘We’re asking a lot.’ But then when we were in the editing room and we would do [it] differently, it felt wrong. And so if you don’t have an intuition, if you don’t have a vision, you shouldn’t be making this movie.

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“I think there’s obvious challenges and things that you would bring to discussion with editors, with producers and say, ‘This is what feels right,’ and at a point we all just looked at each other and said, ‘We’re taking a big risk here, but it does feel right and we know we’re getting into. Let’s go for it.'”

Halloween Ends is “a love song to the fans”

Admitting that they made multiple unexpected choices on the movie, Green nevertheless maintains that Halloween Ends was made for the fans, with love.

As he tells Collider: “I just wanted to build to make sure I felt emotional, I felt atmosphere, I felt romance. I wanted it to be a love song to the fans, and I don’t think anyone’s gonna see it coming. They certainly wouldn’t expect us to make some of the choices we’ve made.”

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Halloween Ends is in cinemas now, while you can read our review of the movie here.