Who is Corey Cunningham? New character at the heart of Halloween Ends explained

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Halloween Ends makes the surprise decision to focus on a new character rather than Laurie Strode or Michael Myers for much of its run-time. But who is Corey Cunningham, as played by Rohan Campbell?

Halloween Ends – the climax of David Gordon Green and Danny McBride’s trilogy sequel to the 1978 John Carpenter classic – is in cinemas now.

The reviews have been mixed – including out own – with heads scratched over the prominence of a new youngster when most thought the finale would revolve around classic characters.

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So who is Corey Cunningham? How does he fit into the Halloween Ends story? And who plays the character? HALLOWEEN SPOILERS AHEAD…

Who is Corey Cunningham?

At first, it looks like Corey Cunningham is there to be cannon fodder during the Halloween Ends prologue. A 21-year-old babysitter working on Halloween night a year after the events of Halloween Kills, he’s looking after a kid called Jeremy in this opening scene.

The Shape still casts a shadow over the people of Haddonfield, and because of his actions, Jeremy is afraid of the dark and wets the bed. Though he does tell Corey “Michael Myers kills babysitters, not kids.”

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Jeremy ends up dead, however, when a prank played on Corey back-fires, and he gets knocked over an upstairs bannister, and smashes into the floor below.

Cut to four years later, and Corey is a broken man, working as a mechanic, and being bullied by local kids. Which puts him on Laurie Strode’s radar.

How does Corey fit into the story of Halloween Ends?

Laurie takes pity on Corey, and sees him as a kindred spirit, while her granddaughter Allyson develops romantic feelings for him. Everyone else sees him as a monster, however, for that believed past transgression.

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Then The Shape gets his hands on Corey, takes him to his supervillain lair, and and seems to imprint on him. Meaning Cunningham becoming both disciple and protégé, and appears to do his bidding.

So Corey starts to kill, and Allyson likes it, the pair of them briefly – and unexpectedly – turning into Halloween’s version of Bonnie and Clyde.

Laurie warns Corey off her daughter, which puts all three on a collision course, that ends with Corey stabbing himself, and The Shape then breaking his neck. And so ends the tragic story of Corey Cunningham, for now…

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Who is Rohan Campbell?


Corey Cunningham is played by 25-year-old Canadian actor Rohan Campbell, who has more than 30 credits to his name on IMDb.

He made his debut in 2008 TV movie Menace, before appearing in more TV features like Santa Baby 2, The Reckoning, and The Unauthorized Full House Story.

Campbell landed a recurring role on sci-fi show Mech-X4, before popping up in more high-profile fare like Supernatural, The 100, and iZombie.

But he’s probably best-known for playing Frank Hardy in the 2020 reboot of The Hardy Boys, opposite Alexander Elliot as his brother Joe. Corey can currently be seen in Netflix drama Virgin River, while Halloween Ends is his most recent acting credit.

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