Godzilla Minus One may be the “best Godzilla movie of all time”

Leon Miller
Godzilla charges up his atomic breath in a a promotional image for Godzilla Minus One.

Gareth Edwards, director of 2014’s Godzilla reboot, has praised Toho’s Godzilla Minus One as one of the greatest entries in the franchise.

Edwards’ response to Godzilla Minus One is especially noteworthy given the film is also a reboot, rather than a direct continuation of any of Toho’s earlier Godzilla outings. That said, Godzilla Minus One includes several nods to previous installments, particularly the first Godzilla movie – which is fitting since its release was timed to coincide with the franchise’s 70th anniversary.

Godzilla Minus One also exists outside the continuity of Legendary Picture’s MonsterVerse series, which kicked off with Edwards’ Godzilla. The MonsterVerse currently includes a direct sequel to that film, Godzilla: King of the Monsters, as well as Kong: Skull Island and its anime series spinoff Skull Island, and two crossover efforts, Godzilla vs. Kong, and Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire.

The MonsterVerse will grow even larger with the release of Apple TV+ series Monarch: Legacy of Monsters in November, however, for many fans, Godzilla Minus One is the true must-see event of 2023. They still have a while to wait though, as the flick doesn’t premiere outside Japan until December.

Godzilla Minus One may be the “best Godzilla movie of all time”

On the plus side, their patience should pay off, according to Edwards. The British filmmaker said as much in a recent Cinema Today interview (via Comic Book Movie), which saw him extoll Godzilla Minus One’s virtues at length. “There were a lot of things that I felt were very new for Godzilla [in Godzilla Minus One], and I felt jealous the whole time I was watching the movie,” Edwards raved. “This is what a Godzilla movie should be.”

Edwards then went on to declare that Godzilla Minus One “must be mentioned as a candidate for the best Godzilla movie of all time” – a sentiment most Japanese critics would agree with. Godzilla Minus One received near-universal acclaim after it debuted in Japan in November, with many pundits echoing Edwards’ comments by ranking it among the most satisfying installments in the franchise.

The monster movie also won over audiences, raking in the equivalent of $3 million at the Japanese box office on its opening day. All told, Godzilla Minus One made around $7 million during its first three days in cinemas – the best opening for any Godzilla film (Toho or otherwise) in the country.

New Monarch: Legacy of Monsters trailer teases kaiju carnage

Between Godzilla Minus One’s critical and commercial success and Edwards’ comments, the blockbuster’s December 1 release can’t come soon enough for many Godzilla fans. Fortunately, Monarch: Legacy of Monsters should provide them with a worthwhile distraction in the interim.

Not only does the Apple TV+ show’s latest trailer tease plenty of glorious, kaiju-driven chaos across its 10-episode run, but reviews so far have been broadly positive.

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