Full Strange World cast list: All actors & characters

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Here’s your guide to the full cast and characters in Strange World, the new Disney movie hitting cinemas.

Strange World – which is directed by Don Hall, co-directed and written by Qui Nguyen, and produced by Roy Conli – seems like it’s going to be somewhat of an outlier for Disney in terms of its plot.

The premise of the movie, which is set in the community of Avalonia, is described as: “The original action-adventure journeys deep into an uncharted and treacherous land where fantastical creatures await the legendary Clades, a family of explorers whose differences threaten to topple their latest – and by far – most crucial mission.”

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One important aspect of the film is its central cast, which was announced in June 17, 2021 at France’s Annecy Animation Festival. But who are the major characters in the film? And which actors have been announced to play these roles? Let us explain…


Strange World cast: All actors and characters

Unlike Disney’s other animated films, ones which generally adapt fairy tales and folklore, Strange World is seemingly new, based more on pulpy sci-fi stories.

This means that you’re likely not going to recognise any of these characters, but you may recognise a lot of these actors. Plus, from what we’ve found out, these new characters sound really fun.

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So without further ado, let’s get to the list!

Searcher Clade – Jake Gyllenhaal

strange world and nightcrawlerDisney/Bold Films

Who is Searcher Clade: Searcher Clade is the main character of the film. As described by director Don Hall, Searcher is “a treasured member of the Avalonia community, having discovered a revolutionary plant-based power source called pando.

“These days, he farms the plant, providing energy to the entire community. Above all though, Searcher is a family man: he loves a spontaneous middle-of-the-kitchen dance with his wife, Meridian, and he vowed long ago that he would do anything for his son, Ethan.”

Where you’ve seen Jake Gyllenhaal before: Jake Gyllenhaal is a pretty famous actor, with films including Brokeback Mountain, Spider-Man: Far From Home, and Nightcrawler, just to name a few.

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Jaeger Clade – Dennis Quaid

strange world and the parent trapDisney

Who is Jaeger Clade: Jaeger is described by writer and co-director Qui Nguyen as “Searcher’s larger-than-life explorer father. He has long dreamed of venturing beyond the mountain ranges that surround Avalonia.

“His dream became an obsession he never lost sight of – even when a major misstep landed him in a strange world far from his family. The one-and-only Jaeger just wants to leave a legacy.”

Where you’ve seen Dennis Quaid before: Quaid has appeared in films such as The Parent Trap, The Day After Tomorrow, and Footloose.

Meridian Clade – Gabrielle Union

Strange world and bring it onDisney/Universal Pictures

Who is Meridian: Disney visual artist Lissa Treiman stated that “Meridian Clade expertly pilots the crop duster that helps [the Clades’] pando crops thrive.

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“She’s the kind of person who finds the fun in any situation, and she adores her husband and son [Searcher and Ethan]… Meridian loves flying, and their farm is her life and livelihood just as much as it’s Searcher’s… strong, observant, and just plain cool, Meridian is an unexpected-but-invaluable addition to the Clade family.”

Where you’ve seen Gabrielle Union before: Union was a pretty big star back in the early 2000s, with films like Bring it on, Bad Boys II, and Cheaper by the Dozen under her belt.

Ethan Clade – Jaboukie Young-White

strange world and OMITBDisney/Hulu

Who is Ethan Clade: As stated by Producer Roy Conli: “Ethan Clade is a typical teenager who rolls his eyes when his parents smooch, lights up when his friends visit and gets completely tongue-tied when his crush, Diazo, is around.

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“The 16-year-old longs for the kind of adventure that echoes that of the grandfather he’s never met, so when his dad heads off on a crucial mission aboard the airship Venture – Ethan stows away.”

Where you’ve seen Jaboukie Young-White before: Young-White is seemingly growing in popularity, after appearing in Baymax!, Set it Up, and Only Murders in the Building.

Callisto Mal – Lucy Liu

strange world and kill billDisney/A Band Apart

Who is Callisto Mal: According to Disney visual artist Lissa Treiman, “Callisto Mal, president of Avalonia, has a long history with the Clade family. Once a member of Jaeger’s expedition team, Callisto ultimately followed a different path.

“She’s determined to solve the mystery of what is plaguing pando, becoming the driving force behind the mission to the strange world… she has the confidence to make decisions, but she’s thoughtful and able to see things from a human perspective.”

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Where you’ve seen Lucy Liu before: Lucy Liu is a certified icon, having appeared in Charlies’ Angels, Elementary, and Kill Bill.

Duffle – Alan Tudyk

duffle and rougue oneDisney/Lucasfilm

Who is Duffle: Not much is officially known about Duffle yet, but we do know that he is a pilot of one of the Clade ships.

Where you’ve seen Alan Tudyk before: Tudyk has appeared in many popular projects, such as Firefly, Rogue One, and Moana.

Diazo – Jonathan Melo