Exciting KOTOR easter egg discovered in The Mandalorian Chapter 13

kotor easter egg in the mandalorianLucasfilm/Disney

An easter egg from Chapter 13 of The Mandalorian has revealed a connection to the Knights of the Old Republic video games and comics.

Having become a great success among Star Wars fans, the Knights of the Old Republic is an era covered in both video games and comics, taking on a life of its own, despite never being confirmed as canon.

That being said, fans have finally got a small glimpse of this period on-screen, thanks to Chapter 13 of The Mandalorian.

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knights of the old republic easter egg in mandalorianBioWare/LucasArts
Easter eggs from the Knights of the Old republic video game

What is the KOTOR easter egg?

In yet another revealing episode of The Mandalorian, there was one significant nod to the Old Republic, in the form of HK-series droids.

When giving Ahsoka Tano a rundown, Din Djarin mentions a few HK-87 assassin droids – the same series in which the HK-47s are from in the Knights of the Old Republic video games.

This wasn’t the only connection to the Old Republic either, with a mention of Tython, where the ancient Jedi Temple is said to be. This planet first appeared as a part of the Star Wars: The Old Republic game and looks to be a key location for the rest of season 2.

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With this Star Wars legends content finally being made canon in The Mandalorian, a lot of fans have got even more excited about what else is in store, some showing their appreciation, saying “Dave Filoni is the man”.

The video games were also drawn on for the first episode of season 2, which saw Din Djarin kill a Krayt Dragon. This is done in the game too, in order to access the cave, with players coming together with the Tusken Raiders to lure the dragon out using Banthas.

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It seems Dave Filoni has found the perfect mix of old and new, winning back Star Wars fans in the process.

The Old Republic is an era still yet to be fully covered on-screen in the Star Wars universe, but is definitely one fans would love to see more of in the future.

Until then, new episodes of The Mandalorian are still on their way for three more weeks, so make sure you head to Disney Plus every Friday to keep up-to-date.

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