Prolific Everwood actor Treat Williams dies in motorcycle accident

Meera Jacka
Prolific actor Treat Williams attending a film festival

Everwood actor Treat Williams is confirmed to have passed away at 71 from injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident on June 12.

Prolific and veteran actor Treat Williams, known for his roles in the hit TV show Everwood and the 1979 movie Hair, has passed away from injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident.

Williams was reportedly making a turn on his motorcycle when he was struck by a car on June 12. His agent of 15 years, Barry McPherson, confirmed that the actor had not survived the crash.

“I’m just devastated. He was the nicest guy. He was so talented,” McPherson said to People.

The cast of the critically acclaimed TV show 'Everwood'
The cast of the critically acclaimed TV show ‘Everwood’, Treat Williams far left

A statement released by Williams’ family reads as the following:

“It is with great sadness that we report that our beloved Treat Williams has passed away tonight in Dorset, Vermont after a fatal motorcycle accident. As you can imagine, we are shocked and greatly bereaved at this time. Treat was full of love for his family, for his life, and for his craft, and was truly at the top of his game in all of it.

“It is all so shocking right now, but please know that Treat was dearly and deeply loved and respected by his family and everyone who knew him. We are beyond devastated and ask that you respect our privacy as we deal with our grief. To all his fans, please know that Treat appreciated all of you and please continue to keep him in your hearts and prayers.”

Treat Williams as George Berger in the 1979 film 'Hair'
George Berger, portrayed by Treat Williams in the 1979 film ‘Hair’.

Williams made his film debut in 1975’s Deadly Hero. He received his first Golden Globe nomination in 1978 for his role as George Berger in the film adaptation of Hair.

He would go on to receive a second nomination in 1981 for his starring role in Prince of the City. From 2002-2006, Williams’ gained further notoriety for his role as Dr. Andrew ‘Andy’ Brown in the critically acclaimed TV show Everwood.

At the time of his death, Williams was 71 and had over 120 acting credits to his name.

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