Euphoria season 3 scrapped storyline that saw Rue become a surrogate and PI

Eleni Thomas
Euphoria season 3

Euphoria season 3 is still in early development, with potential plot points for Rue focusing on her as a surrogate and as a private detective shut down by HBO.

Euphoria season 3 is arguably one of the most talked about upcoming television seasons in years. Namely due to the fact that there are no clear details and plans for the next season despite being a hit TV show.

With Zendaya, Jacob Elordi, and Sydney Sweeny all starting to sign on to more and more major projects, fans are worried they won’t be able to return to shoot Euphoria season 3. After all, it has already been officially put on hold so that the cast can explore different roles throughout the rest of 2024.

However, a new article from Variety reveals that while season 3 may not have a script yet, the team has been workshopping ideas. Of those, the 5-year time jump appears to be a plot point for season 3 that will be largely important.

Given this time jump, characters such as Rue and Jules will no longer be in high school, a location that was of course central to the first two seasons.

So what will Rue and company be up to after they leave high school? According to Variety’s report, Zendaya pitched the idea of having her character become a surrogate mother. 

The other suggested story arc for Rue is that she becomes a private investigator during her 20s.

“There was a new arc for Zendaya’s Rue, whose character in Levinson’s first pass had been relegated to the background in a somewhat surprising storyline about her working as a private detective, which HBO had immediately vetoed. 

“Among many other ideas for the rewrites, Zendaya had pitched an idea in which Rue, who is now sober as a twentysomething young woman, would be a pregnancy surrogate. But insiders say the new scripts simply didn’t feel like the show tonally.” 

Given HBO vetoed both of these ideas, it appears that Rue’s story is still being workshopped for season 3.

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