Chris Evans has hilarious reaction to She-Hulk mid-credits scene

Josh Tyler
Chris Evans is enjoying She-Hulk

Captain America himself, Chris Evans, seems to be enjoying Jennifer Walters’ theories on the show She-Hulk. Spoilers for She-Hulk episode one ahead.

One Avenger who was heavily referenced throughout the premiere of She-Hulk, perhaps as much as the Hulk himself, was Captain America.

A point of discussion for Jen Walters and her cousin Bruce Banner on their road trip – before it was rudely interrupted by a Sakaarian spaceship – was Steve Rogers’ sexual exploits before and after his time frozen in ice.

But this was more than just a brief throwaway line, as the topic reappeared during a post-credits scene.

In the scene, a clearly-drunk Jennifer is sobbing at the fact that Steve Rogers, who appeared to have little time for a love life, died before knowing the pleasure of being intimate with a woman.

Of course, Marvel viewers know that, in reality, Steve Rogers is not dead. Instead, he travelled back in time to live out his life with his love, Peggy Carter. Presumably, during this time, he lost his virginity, or so we would believe.

The Hulk dropped a bombshell on Walters and the audience, revealing that Steve Rogers had lost his virginity to a girl he met at a USO show in 1943.

It appears that at some point Steve confided this information to Bruce, likely during the five-year time jump while half the world was dusted away by Thanos.

The Captain America actor himself, Chris Evans, appears to be quite amused by the discourse, tweeting several “crying laughing” emojis along with a “lips zipped” emoji under #SheHulk.

This would seem to suggest that the Hulk’s report is accurate, but Evans isn’t telling who the lucky lady was.

Detectives across the internet are already scouring the possibility for suspects, as in 1943 Steve would have still been part of the USO shows that went across the US to raise money for war bonds.

Among those early candidates are some of the background dancers or one woman that Steve Rogers met on the tour that some fans speculate could be Peter Quill’s grandmother.

Regardless of who was Steve’s first, it’s hilarious that Chris Evans is enjoying the comedy along with the rest of us watching She-Hulk.

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