Black Mirror Season 6: Fans spot reference to most brutal episode

Still from Black Mirror Season 2 episode "White Bear"Netflix

The latest drop for Black Mirror features new details for Season 6, with eagle-eyed fans spotting a reference to the dystopian anthology series’ most brutal episode. 

One of Charlie Brooker’s many talents includes peppering Black Mirror with plenty of Easter Eggs from its shared universe, and it looks like Season 6 is no different. 

Though the series maintains its purpose of highlighting the malicious infiltration of technology in our daily lives, each and every episode delivers a unique new story – from God complex Trekkies to American Idol exploitation. And, of course, a Prime Minister shagging a pig. 

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As such, there’s plenty of references to pull from, and it looks like there’ll be plenty more of that in Season 6 of the Netflix series.

Black Mirror Season 6 features reference to most brutal episode

Accompanying the premiere of Black Mirror Season 6’s titles and descriptions is a clip featuring stills from each episode, including one named “Demon79”. And if you look closely, you’ll notice the same symbol from the Season 2 episode “White Bear”. 

To refresh your memory, “White Bear” centers on a woman named Victoria (Lenora Crichlow), who wakes up in an apartment with amnesia. As she begins to try and piece together what’s happened, she is hunted down by men wearing balaclavas with a symbol on it that kind of looks like a baby tuning fork – the same symbol she saw on her TV screen earlier on. 

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In the final twist, we discover that Victoria was an accomplice to a child murderer. As part of her punishment, she’s sent to the White Bear Justice Park, where her memory is wiped at the end of each day so she can be punished over and over again. 


Season 6’s “Demon79” features the same symbol in the recently released teaser, although in the picture it’s upside down, which is interesting given the episode’s demonic title. In christianity, the upside down cross has long been associated with satanic ideals – could Black Mirror be indicating the same? Time will tell…

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Black Mirror Season 6 will hit Netflix in June 2023. Find out more about the sixth season here.

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