Bill Burr praised for “ruthlessly roasting” Bill Maher

Kayla Harrington
Bill Maher and Bill Burr on the Club Random Podcast

Comedian Bill Burr is being praised online for challenging TV host Bill Maher’s takes on the ongoing conflict between Israel, Hamas, and the Palestinian people.

Burr appeared on Maher’s podcast Club Random and the two got into a bit of a heated discussion when Maher brought up the pro-Palestinian student protests across the US.

“The kids are demonstrating for Hamas. They are in with the terrorists,” Maher said, to which Burr quickly amends the statement saying, “They’re for the Palestinians.”

Maher then says that both groups “are for the same cause” before asking Burr if he’s on the side of the protesters.

“I’m on the side of the kids,” Burr said, and Maher mocked that idea by telling him, “That’s easy to say” because “no one wants to see dead kids.”

Their argument came to a head when Burr told Maher to “stop acting like a general” to which Maher responded, “[Israel is] the only country in the world that, they get attacked, and then as soon as they counterattack, it’s like, well, we gotta stop this shit now. ‘Don’t attack them’ is a very simple solution to all these problems in the Middle East. Stop attacking Israel.”

Burr’s dismissal of Maher’s comments has been applauded on social media. “What’s satisfying about this exchange is ultimately less about anything Burr actually says then the attitude of open contempt he shows for Maher, one of the mostly consistently smug, wrong, and uninformed people on TV,” one fan tweeted.

Others were praising Burr for his one-liners to Maher with one writing, “‘Stop talking like you’re a general’ is so f**king good lol.”

This isn’t the first time that Burr has pushed back against other comedian’s takes as, in 2023, he appeared on The Joe Rogan Experience and shut down Rogan’s attempt to “get into” a debate about the vaccine.

“I’m not gonna be sitting here with no medical degree listening to you with no medical degree,” Burr said. “All I do is watch the news every two weeks. Mask or no mask? Still mask. Okay!”

Fans were quick to bring up this moment after the clip with Maher went viral with one commenting, “Bill Burr mocking Joe Rogan on his podcast for thinking he knows anything about vaccines and now going on Bill Maher’s podcast to make fun of him for not knowing sh*t about the Middle East is my kink.”

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