Is Batman Invincible real? Michael Keaton “return” explained

Cameron Frew
The fake poster for Michael Keaton's Batman Invincible

Rumor has it that Michael Keaton is donning the cowl again in Batman Invincible – but is it true, or are fans getting nuts over nothing?

It’s a weird time for Batman on the big screen. The DCEU as we knew it has just ended, with The Flash capping off Ben Affleck’s divisive tenure as the caped crusader (which also ended on George Clooney’s Bruce Wayne, but we don’t need to get into that now).

Robert Pattinson’s dark knight is being left to his own utility belt’s devices under James Gunn’s DCU, officially classified as an Elseworlds hero. That means we’ll get another actor playing Batman in the larger franchise, set to make their debut in The Brave and the Bold, but casting has yet to be confirmed.

As for Michael Keaton, he reprised his role in The Flash, died soon after, and was also supposed to appear in the axed Batgirl film. But what about Batman Invincible?

Is Michael Keaton returning in Batman Invincible?

Batman Invincible isn’t a real movie, nor is Michael Keaton returning to the role.

Unfortunately, you may have been led astray by a fake poster shared by YODA BBY ABY. This is the same Facebook page responsible for making people believe several made-up projects were in development, like Tom Hardy’s Cape Fear remake and Kurt Russell’s Escape from Earth.

The fake poster for Batman Invincible

Alongside the poster, which shows Keaton in Christian Bale’s suit, the caption reads: “This December, witness the return of Michael Keaton as the iconic Bruce Wayne in BATMAN INVINCIBLE, where experience meets unmatched courage in his twilight years.

“Facing the unprecedented threat of the Legion of Doom, Batman must marshal all his wit and strength to thwart their diabolical plot to annihilate Gotham and the world. Don’t miss the electrifying showdown in theaters that redefines heroism for a legendary protector standing on the brink of his most perilous battle yet.”

Unfortunately, Keaton’s run as Batman is officially over. You can find out everything we know about the next Batman movie here.

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