Tom Hardy’s Cape Fear debunked: Fake remake explained

Cameron Frew
Tom Hardy and the poster for 1991's Cape Fear

Rumor has it that Tom Hardy is starring in a Cape Fear remake, but is it true? No — here’s why you’ve been duped.

You’ve definitely experienced Cape Fear in some form. Perhaps you’re a bookworm who’s read John D. McDonald’s The Executioners, or maybe you’ve seen the original 1962 film with Robert Mitchum and Gregory Peck.

However, it’s most likely you’ve watched two different versions: Martin Scorsese’s exhilaratingly pulpy, nasty remake in 1991 with Robert De Niro and Nick Nolte, or The Simpsons’ iconic parody with Sideshow Bob in “Cape Feare.”

Rumor has it that a fourth adaptation is in the works with Hardy playing Max Cady. But the truth is the Cape Fear remake isn’t happening, nor is any such project in development.

We shouldn’t be surprised at this point, but this rumor comes directly from a fake poster shared by YODA BBY ABY on Facebook. You may have been led astray by this page before: for example, they posted made-up news about a New Jack City remake and Kurt Russell returning as Snake Plissken in Escape From Earth.

The caption reads: “Experience the chilling revival of a classic in the newly adapted Cape Fear, starring Tom Hardy as the formidable Max Cady, on a relentless quest for vengeance.

“With a stellar cast including Mark Ruffalo and Emily Blunt, this modern remake weaves a harrowing tale of manipulation, revenge, and survival, pushing a family to their limits. Directed by Denis Villeneuve with a keen eye for psychological depth and moral ambiguity, this gripping thriller promises to hold you captive until its breathtaking climax. Coming to theaters in June of 2024.”

While Hardy would be an excellent pick for Max Cady, we won’t be seeing him in the role any time soon — if not ever.

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