Barry: Guillermo del Toro cameo explained

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Guillermo del Toro makes an incredible cameo in Barry Season 4 Episode 3 – here’s everything you need to know about his role.

In our review, we wrote: “A slickly directed, brutal episode that dooms Barry to vengeance, while everyone else has nothing to do but count down the clock.”

We pick up with Gene immediately realizing the error of his ways and trying to track down the Vanity Fair reporter, while Barry spills the beans to the feds about all of the crime syndicates he’s worked for over the years.

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At the end of the last episode, when NoHo Hank found out Barry was helping the FBI, he told Cristobal they had to kill him – and that’s where Guillermo del Toro comes in.

Who is Guillermo del Toro in Barry?

Guillermo del Toro plays Toro, a mysterious crime boss who offers his men to NoHo Hank and Cristobal to kill Barry.

He’s introduced at the beginning of Episode 3 as Hank and Cristobal receive a fresh delivery of sand. “You have to be afraid of nothing,” Toro tells them, before they bicker about the adequacy of the assassins; more specifically, the impracticality of their ‘Los Amigos Gadgets’ podcast.

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In an interview with Rotten Tomatoes, Hader revealed that Del Toro got in touch with him about appearing in the fourth season, purely because he’s a fan of the show. “So, I wrote him a part and I was so surprised that we actually did it,” he said.

“He came in, and he was great. He was super game, knew his lines, had two different takes on the scene and did them both. He was great – a wonderful guy.”

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Barry Season 4 Episode 4 will be available to watch on April 30 in the US and May 1 in the UK. Check out our other coverage below:

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