Barbie outfits: Everything you need to dress up for the cinema

Meera Jacka
Barbie outfits: Everything you need to dress up for the cinema

Excited to see Margot Robbie transformed into Barbie? Looking to bedazzle your own outfit, inspired by the fashion icon? Well, we’re here to help! Here is everything you need to dress up as Barbie when you see the film in cinemas this July.

After 64 years, Barbie is being brought to life on the big screen by Margot Robbie. With the movie’s release edging closer and excitement catching amongst fans, Barbiecore has started to trend.

Now, Barbiecore is no new fad — the iconic doll has inspired generations of fashionistas — but it is making a reappearance this year. And what better time to encapsulate her bold and daring fashion sense?

After all, Barbie was designed to be more than just a doll; she’s a role model. And with that said, here is everything you need to dress up as Barbie for her big live-action debut.

Pink, pink, and… more pink!

Barbie’s look has evolved over the years, but one staple has remained true — her love for the color pink.

Evoking the girl-next-door, Barbie has long donned her layers of pink, denim, and lip gloss. These days, she dabbles more often in high fashion with skin-tight latex and well-cut suits, but pink always creeps into her designs.

Whether that means accessorizing with a cute pink handbag or going all-out with a bodycon dress, including some pink to your fit is a sure way of embodying Barbiecore.

Wearing pink is a surefire way of summoning your inner Barbie.

Heels, no matter the occasion

Barbie has no time for practicality, always pairing her clothes with dangerously high heels.

One of the live-action trailer’s most memorable scenes is Margot Robbie stepping out of her heels to reveal Barbie’s infamously arched feet.

Now, we aren’t suggesting any ankle breakers you aren’t prepared for, but some pink pumps are a great way to make any outfit Barbie-approved.

Barbie's iconic feet
Barbie is well-known for her always-arched feet, forever ready for some fashionable heels.

You can never over-accessorize

Barbie always accessorizes. Always. Whether it be sparkly jewelry or a cute hat, there was no feeling quite like going through the box of your brand-new Barbie doll and finding what little accessories she came with.

So why miss the chance now? Add those little touches that bring Barbiecore to life. And if you’re stuck on ideas, nothing can beat Barbie’s chain — now you can even customize it to your own name!

Barbie accessories
Barbie has had thousands of various accessories over the years for inspiration.

Travel back in time to Barbie’s most iconic moments

If you’re still stuck on ideas, Barbie has worn many iconic and memorable outfits throughout the years that are perfect for inspiration. In fact, many have already appeared in the movie trailer or on Margot Robbie herself.

A couple of top selections that come to mind include:

Whatever the look you’re going for, Barbie’s long history of eye-catching fashion and her surplus of careers are sure to offer something for everyone.

We look forward to seeing everyone pretty in pink later this July in cinemas.